‘I’m exhausted’: Tweeps slam D

Image: Via Twiiter @DJZinhle

‘I’m exhausted’: Tweeps slam DJ Zinhle for comments on work fatigue

Business mogul and media personality, DJ Zinhle, addressed naysayers on social media who invalidated her comments on work fatigue.

‘I’m exhausted’: Tweeps slam D

Image: Via Twiiter @DJZinhle

Media personality DJ Zinhle took a dig at tweeps who claimed she isn’t grateful for having work during these tough times bought on by the pandemic. This, after tweeting that she was exhausted.

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DJ Zinhle is known to have multiple streams of income. Originally a DJ, Zinhle has a CEO position at Boulevard Nectar Rosè, she launched a premium range of lace-front wigs, an eyewear brand, a face mask range, as well as, a furniture and décor company.

Zinhle recently took to Twitter to update fans on how she is feeling as she has a lot on her plate.

She revealed that her phone has been ringing off the hook to the extent that it was causing anxiety. She added that the best way to deal with that was to switch off the phone.  

“Switching off my phone gives me so much peace. My phone rings so much it gives me anxiety. Been working nonstop, I’m exhausted. Anyway, take care of yourself,” she tweeted.


What’s a celeb tweet without easily offended tweeps in the comments? A couple of fans felt that Zinhle’s fatigue wasn’t valid, with another tweep mocking her anxiety.

Zinhle, however, indirectly addressed the naysayers who aren’t willing to understand her situation. She said that she is far from the ungrateful celeb that they painted her to be and that it is pretty normal to experience fatigue after a long day of hard work. 

“Never said I wasn’t grateful for work but it’s also normal to feel tired,” she tweeted.


A decent amount of Zinhle’s fans responded well to her tweet and related to what she was going through.