Dave Chapelle

Dave Chappelle has been slammed on social media for labelling his alleged attacker ‘a trans man’. Image via Twitter @ajplus

Tweeps slam Dave Chappelle for labelling attacker ‘trans man’ [watch]

‘It’s just not interesting or clever’: Tweeps have slammed American comedian Dave Chappelle after he labelled his attacker a ‘trans man’.

Dave Chapelle

Dave Chappelle has been slammed on social media for labelling his alleged attacker ‘a trans man’. Image via Twitter @ajplus

American comedian Dave Chappelle was assaulted on stage during his comedy set at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles on Tuesday 3 May. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that the 23-year-old man was carrying a replica gun with a blade inside of it. 

Chapelle has been slammed by social media after he labelled the alleged attacker a “trans man”. 

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As per The Hollywood Reporter, Dave Chappelle was wrapping up his comedy set for the Netflix is a Joke festival when a man tackled him to the ground on stage.

A statement from the Los Angeles Police Department read: “As he was exiting the stage a male, who was part of the audience, jumped onto the stage and tackled the comedian to the ground.”

“Hollywood Bowl uniformed security officers who witnessed the incident, engaged the suspect and removed him from the victim and took hm into custody.” 

The attacker is reportedly being held on $30 000 (R469 438) bail. 



Just moments after the attack at the Hollywood Bowl, the 48-year-old was catching his breath when he said: “It was a trans man”. 

This comes after Chappelle was slammed for “dangerously transphobic” comments in a Netflix comedy special in 2021. 

Taking to Twitter, one tweep wrote: “Dave Chappelle gets attacked on stage and the first thing he [does] is mention trans people. That man is obssessed.”

“All we know is that things are about to get worse in this country and have been getting worse for trans people and Dave encourages it,” wrote another tweep. 

“The fact that he immediately joked that the man who attacked him was trans demonstrates that will use any excuse to promote ani-trans sentiment and violence.” 


Carla Sims, a representative for Dave Chappelle released a statement on the attack at the Hollywood Bowl mentioning that the situation was “unfortunate and unsettling”. 

As per CNN, the statement reads: “Chappelle went on with the show. Jamie Foxx and Chris Rock helping calm the crowd with humour before Chappelle introduced the last and featured musical guests for the evening.”