Mapaseka Koetle birthday dance

Mapaseka Koetle and her family. Image via Instagram @pasi_koetle

‘Cute kids’: Mapaseka Koetle’s family birthday dance moves [watch]

Scandal actress ‘Dintle Nyathi’ Mapaseka Koetle showed her family dance moves to celebrate her 34th birthday.

Mapaseka Koetle birthday dance

Mapaseka Koetle and her family. Image via Instagram @pasi_koetle

It’s been almost a month since Mapaseka Koetle celebrated her birthday, but her family dance moves can’t go unnoticed.

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A few months ago, Mapaseka saw herself trending after she announced that she had separated from her husband. Indeed, Mapaseka Koetle and Nelson Nyakong had been serving marriage goals for quite some time. Many fans probably imagined that they were passing the test of time to become a power couple. Unfortunately, their marriage could not go beyond 2023.

Indeed, this breakup could not stop Koetle from celebrating her birthday in a particular manner with her family. She has the children and her mother to give a birthday blast. On her special day on 23 March, Mapaseka Koetle and her family produced some nice dance moves to celebrate her birthday.

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Indeed, this is a happy family that dances together despite their age. With little time, let’s get straight into Mapaseka Koetle’s family dance moves as they celebrate her special day.

Mapaseka Koetle birthday dance
Mapaseka Koetle. Image via Instagram @pasi_koetle


Indeed, the Scandal actress is so many vibes behind the camera. She is a person who loves to enjoy herself and, thanks God, has the most robust support system in her family. They had delicious food and drinks to celebrate the day but could never do it better without dancing together.

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In the video she posted on her Instagram, Koetle showed how she enjoyed her previous year in any way. She showed her mother having fun on vacations and hanging out. However, the dance moves left many fans in awe as she played with her little ones at the start of the video.

Together they danced and danced, showing how much she enjoyed her life at home. As she quickly moved away from the dance moves, she left fans wanting more, but she did not answer the call.

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Watch Mapaseka Koetle’s family birthday dance moves


Indeed, divorce is nothing funny, but sometimes it might be the best thing, at least for someone. This is our hope as Mapaseka confirmed her separation from her husband, Nelson. Speaking about it to Zimoja, Koetle said:

The separation is happening; it has been happening for years now.