Album single ‘Kwandonga Ziyaduma’ goes gold.

Album single ‘Kwandonga Ziyaduma’ goes gold. Image: Instagram/_mrthela.

Mr Thela’s ‘Kwandonga Ziyaduma’ ft. Njelic earns gold certification

An unexpected collaboration with amapiano heavyweight, Njelic has gone gold, according to the Recording Industry of South Africa.

Album single ‘Kwandonga Ziyaduma’ goes gold.

Album single ‘Kwandonga Ziyaduma’ goes gold. Image: Instagram/_mrthela.

The single “Kwandonga Ziyaduma” from the album Tronics Land Series 2, featuring an unexpected collaboration between Mr Thela and amapiano heavyweight Njelic, has achieved gold certification, as confirmed by the Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA).

Kwandonga Ziyaduma Music Video goes gold

The internet sensation Mr Thela gained widespread recognition during the lockdown period and has since garnered immense local and international popularity.

Following successful tours in the UK and South Korea, the acclaimed DJ has experienced a significant upward trajectory in his career. 

He has amassed a substantial following on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where fans eagerly react to his live sets from various locations nationwide.

In a noteworthy achievement, Mr Thela became the first Gqom artist this month to be showcased and perform a mix on the esteemed music channel Groove Cartel. 

The channel is renowned for highlighting the music industry’s finest local and international talents.

It’s evident that Mr Thela’s career has a promising future ahead. With his exceptional talent and growing recognition, he possesses all the qualities of an international superstar.

Mr Thela drops Buya Nini hit

Mr Thela has significantly impacted the local music scene, particularly in KwaZulu-Natal, by venturing into a genre widely appreciated in the region. 

Originally from Cape Town, this music producer and DJ has revitalised a genre experiencing a gradual decline nationwide.

The social media teasers for the release of ‘Buya Nini’ have received a highly positive response from Mr Thela’s expanding fan community.

 This track embodies the essence of Gqom music, featuring pulsating basslines, powerful kick drums, and traditional chants. 

However, it also incorporates vocal riffs reminiscent of Maskandi music, delivered by the skilled vocalist Peace.

Mr Thela collaborates once again with Peace, reuniting after their initial collaboration on the hit track ‘My Mother’s Prayers’ from his second collaborative album, MAKE CAPE TOWN GREAT AGAIN 2.0.

The release of “Buya Nini” signifies Mr Thela’s return to new music since the launch of his highly praised album, Tronics Land Series 2, in November of last year.

Mr Thela, one of Cape Town’s most prominent DJs, has recently signed a new contract with Universal Music Group (UMG).

Mr Thela took to Instagram to document his journey to Johannesburg, where he met with his new record label. 

He expressed his gratitude in his caption: “Today has been an enriching day. It’s fulfilling to see that years of dedication, relentless effort, and countless sleepless nights finally yield results.”

“I’m still in disbelief that my work has reached spaces I couldn’t have imagined. Today I signed a deal with Universal Music Group and I’m really excited for the future,” he concluded his caption.

Fans, industry friends and supporters flooded his comment section with congratulatory messages.