Jacob Zuma DAUGHTER duduzile zuma

Duduzile Zuma with her father Jacob in July 2021 – Photo via Twitter: @DZumaSambudla

‘He had to fight twice for his freedom’: Dudu Zuma slammed for JZ post

Dudu Zuma, JZ’s daughter has attempted to tug at people’s heartstrings with a post about her 79-year-old imprisoned dad. No one was buying it…

Jacob Zuma DAUGHTER duduzile zuma

Duduzile Zuma with her father Jacob in July 2021 – Photo via Twitter: @DZumaSambudla

The daughter of former president Jacob Zuma Duduzile “Dudu” Zuma headed to Twitter again early yesterday morning, sharing what she had hoped to be a touching post about her father.

In the post, the young woman appeals to people to remember that her elderly dad was arrested “without a trial”.

Dudu Zuma feels for her convicted father

Duduzile “Dudu” Zuma’s name has become synonymous with drama and controversy. This is because the young woman and daughter of ex-president Jacob Zuma is always tweeting content that seems to get many all worked up. Dudu has once again left tweeps buzzing after taking to the app early on Wednesday morning.

In the tweet, Zuma writes how her dad is 79 years old and suffering behind bars. She also adds that he has had to fight for his freedom twice and was jailed without being tried first.

“While You Are Enjoying Your Freedom, Remember That There Is A 79-Year-Old Man Who Had To Fight Twice For His Freedom” – Ntabzeena. Well Said And Let Us Also Remember That The 79 Year Old Man Was Also Jailed Without A Trial #FreeJacobZuma

Zuma fans offer kind words

Many of Jacob Zuma’s fans were seemingly just as sad as Dudu. A lot of them headed to the comment section where they shared a number of supportive messages:

@sbonga7_zaca said:

“Everything is gonna be alright. Soon our President Zuma will be back home soon. God is on his side fighting for him against all attacks remember that is he chosen by God to be a leader in this country”

@sli007 said:

“In my prayers daily sisi, siyazazi izinto asenze le zona uBaba.”

Not everyone has nice things to say

While the Zumas have managed to keep thousands of followers and supporters on their side, not everyone in South Africa feels bad for Zuma and his recent arrest. The comment section of Dudu’s post was filled with harsh words from frustrated locals:

@nk6230 said:

“Hai suka wena, we all have our problems to deal with… Liwena deal with ur issues without trying to get us involved.”

@HongonyiPower said:

“It’s well about time that u stop involving us in ur family affairs. Whether 79 years or 14, RSA is a country of laws. So pls stop it.”

Meanwhile Dudu has also shared that there will be a march on 10 August in Pietermaritzburg for people to campaign for the release of her father.

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