Thabo Bester

Two women who were nearly raped by Thabo Bester have spoken out about living in fear.
Images via YouTube screenshot: GroundUp

‘I’m afraid’: Thabo Bester victims speak out amid his escape

A Johannesburg woman – who claims to have been drugged and nearly raped by Thabo Bester – is living her worst nightmare…

Thabo Bester

Two women who were nearly raped by Thabo Bester have spoken out about living in fear.
Images via YouTube screenshot: GroundUp

A woman who was nearly raped by Thabo Bester has spoken out about the debilitating fear she is living with amid his prison escape. Bester – a convicted rapist, murderer, and fraudster – is allegedly on the run with his girlfriend Nandipha Magudumana.

This, after he faked his death and escaped his prison cell at the Magaung Correctional Centre in May 2022.

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Speaking to Huisgenoot, Iris Monthso recounted how she crossed paths with Thabo Bester in 2011 and how she almost became another statistic.

Now 32, the former University of Johannesburg student claims Bester promised to get her an audition for a gig in Durban. She and a group of friends traveled to Durban, where they booked into a guest house. Not long after, Montsho recalled how she was drugged and woke up to Bester on top of her.

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She said: “He laid me on the bed, kissed me, and ran his hands all over my body.” Luckily for the woman, she managed to escape his grip.

Thabo Bester
A forensic psychologist who interviewed Thabo Bester in 2011 explains why he must be caught urgently. Images via YouTube screenshot: eNCA

Now, Montsho says she is living in fear. She added: “I was a naive 21-year-old, and I believed him. I’m reliving it now. He played on my dreams.

She added: “He must be tracked down. I am afraid for myself and other people. He is smarter now. He learned not to get caught”.

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Unlike Montsho, two other women were not so lucky and were raped by Thabo Bester in hotel rooms that same year after he lured them on social media under the guise of being a model scout. A year later, he was also convicted of raping and murdering his girlfriend, Nomfundo Tyhulu.


Meanwhile, Keabetswe Khutsoane – a woman who claimed to be a victim of Thabo Bester during his reign of terror – is also living her “worst nightmare.”

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After GroundUp broke the story of Bester’s escape last month, Keabetswe went public with her own experience with the convicted rapist.

Like Montsho, she is also living in fear. She tweeted this week: “This #ThaboBester situation is literally my biggest nightmare. Day in and out…some of us relive our trauma.”

Keabetswe also expressed her lack of confidence in the police tracking down Bester. She added: “Whatever happens, happens. There is simply no justice in this country. 

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“Criminals are aided and protested in South Africa… at all costs.”