Somizi is giving away free hugs!
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‘Evidence’: Tweeps react to Somizi nude pic taken by Vusi Nova

‘Vusi Nova is f***ing Somizi guys’ one tweep said of the flirty relationship between the singer and the TV personality…


Somizi is giving away free hugs!
Image via Instagram

Somizi and Vusi Nova have fuelled romance rumours once again, and it’s all down to another steamy nude pic.

The former Idols SA presenter posted and deleted a picture of his bare butt on Instagram. And the cheeky star even tagged his photographer – the Ntandane hitmaker!

In the picture, which was screenshot and shared on Twitter, Somizi is seen standing on the edge of a pool, facing away from the camera.

The TV and radio star is pictured wearing a bucket hat and a pair of Gucci socks – and absolutely nothing else!

“Freeeeeeeee”, he captioned the viral snap.


Somizi and Vusi Nova have reunited on another bromance holiday in Cape Town for the New Year. In fact, the duo have been inseparable for the last few weeks of the festive season.

This after the best friends reconciled after a fight which almost turned physical.

 The singer and presenter – who have denied any romantic relationship – have been posting up a storm on their social media accounts of their adventures together, which include road tripping and performing at various gigs together .

Somizi also spent his birthday with Vusi, who posted a very steamy video of the pair embracing on his Instagram account.


Whilst the pair continue to claim that they are “just friends”, tweeps think otherwise, espcially considering the racy recent pic of Somizi.

“Vusi Nova is f***ing Somizi guys, I am telling you”

“Evidence that Somizi and Vusi bayazana benqunu [they know each other naked]”

“Vusi Khekhe be ka mvithiza [is smashing the cake] hence he’s tagged”

“What I can’t believe is that him and Vusi are just friends”

“So this is where Mohale has been and where Vusi is at?”