Rachel Kolisi

Rachel Kolisi has marked the first month in Paris since relocating in August. Image via Instagram @rachelkolisi

Memories in the making: Rachel Kolisi marks first month in Paris

Rachel Kolisi posted a hilarious video on Instagram and says it pretty much sums up how everything has been going since relocating to Paris.

Rachel Kolisi

Rachel Kolisi has marked the first month in Paris since relocating in August. Image via Instagram @rachelkolisi

On Monday evening, 18 September, Springbok WAG (wives and girlfriends of high-profile sportsmen), Rachel Kolisi had netizens in stitches after posting a video on Instagram, giving her fans and social media followers a hilarious glimpse into what her trip back from the shops with her kids looked like.  


Rachel Kolisi continues to find her way around Paris, France. During the first few days in Paris, she shared that she and her kids have been making some adjustments since relocating a month ago. In a previous Instagram post, she explained that she was still trying to familiarise herself with her new neighbourhood as well as with the driving rules in the new country.

“I had to do a practice run without the kids first. And successfully got us home after the park, with the help of Google Maps (It should have taken 15 minutes. But, after about an hour of taking wrong turns, we made it),” she shared.

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Well, it seems Rachel’s new home is not too far from the supermarket as she and her kids, Nicholas (8) and Keziah (6) decided to take a walk and get some groceries. However, on their way back, the rain poured down heavily on them. And, by the time they got back to their home, they were soaked!

“An accurate summary of 1 month in France 🙃,” Rachel said as she uploaded the video on her feed.

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Rachel Kolisi
Rachel Kolisi and her children were soaked wet after taking a walk to the shop. Image via Instagram @rachelkolisi


Earlier this year, Rachel Kolisi’s husband, the Springboks captain, Siya Kolisi announced that he was joining the French Club, Racing 92, and relocating to France after the Rugby World Cup (RWC). In August, Rachel relocated first with their two kids and then Siya joined them in their new home later. He has previously expressed his appreciation for Rachel and his kids in a statement according to The Kolisi Foundation.

“Rachel and the kids have sacrificed so much through my career and I am immeasurably grateful for this. The move to Racing 92 will enable me to spend more time with my family, which is something that I have longed for. And this prospect certainly played a significant part in my decision making,” he was quoted as saying.

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