Springbok Women's

Springbok Women win 46-17 against Madagascar, defending their African Rugby Cup title and qualifying for RWC2025. Image via @gsport4girls on X

Springbok Women’s decisive win: Ticket to RWC 2025

Springbok Women secure Rugby World Cup 2025 spot with decisive 46-17 victory over Madagascar, defending African champion title.

Springbok Women's

Springbok Women win 46-17 against Madagascar, defending their African Rugby Cup title and qualifying for RWC2025. Image via @gsport4girls on X

The Springbok Women’s rugby team have secured their place in the upcoming Rugby World Cup 2025 and earned entry into WXV 2 after a resounding 46-17 triumph over Madagascar on Sunday.

The match, which took place at Stade Makis in Antananarivo, also saw the South Africans defend their title as African champions, extending their impressive unbeaten run to six consecutive test matches at the venue.

Springbok Women’s Head Coach Praises Team’s Structured Performance

Head coach Louis Koen commended his team for their structured performance and resilience throughout the tournament. “I am very proud of their effort today, but also in the first two matches of the tournament,” Koen said.

He acknowledged the challenges of playing three matches within a ten-day period, praising the players for their excellent execution, especially in the first half, which laid the foundation for their victory.

Madagascar’s Spirited Performance and Lessons Learnt

Despite some defensive lapses that resulted in conceding tries, Koen recognised the spirited performance of the Madagascan team, who were supported by a passionate home crowd.

“Madagascar never stopped trying and pushing hard with the huge crowd behind them,” he observed, noting that there were valuable lessons to be learnt from the enthusiastic local fans in supporting women’s rugby.

Springbok Women Adapt to Unconventional Playing Style

Koen also highlighted the adaptability of his team in the face of the unconventional playing style of their opponents, expressing confidence in the bright future ahead for the Springbok Women.

He credited part of the team’s success to the less experienced players who stepped up significantly in the absence of several regulars.

Captain Booi Emphasises Impact on Women’s Rugby

Captain Nolusindiso Booi echoed Koen’s sentiments, stressing the broader impact of their win on promoting women’s rugby.

“We play to inspire the next girl or woman to pick up a rugby ball and I think this win and qualifying for the Rugby World Cup will mean so much to those who want to see the game grow,” she said.

Booi also praised the coaching staff for their thorough preparation, which played a crucial role in securing the win.

Springbok Women Look Ahead to Rugby World Cup 2025

The Springbok Women are set to return to South Africa on Monday, where the players will rejoin their respective teams in the Women’s Premier Division.

As they anticipate their participation on the global stage next year, the focus turns to building on their current success and preparing for the challenges that await them in the Rugby World Cup 2025.

With their decisive victory and qualification for the prestigious tournament, the Springbok Women have not only solidified their position as a force to be reckoned with in African rugby but have also taken a significant step towards inspiring the growth and development of women’s rugby in South Africa and beyond.