Pastors' Wives reality TV star Queen Nandi.

Pastors’ Wives reality TV star Queen Nandi. Image via Twitter

Pastors’ Wives Queen Nandi: ‘I’m not a Methodist makoti’

Reality TV star Nandipha Mlombi aka Queen Nandi from Pastors’ Wives has been trending all weekend after defending her family on Facebook.

Pastors' Wives reality TV star Queen Nandi.

Pastors’ Wives reality TV star Queen Nandi. Image via Twitter

The TV star Queen Nandi, real name Nandipha Mlombi of Pastors’ Wives on Honey TV fame explains her position in the church after posting a long post on Facebook saying no one has a right to judge her or insult her children.

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The Pastors’ Wives reality TV star Queen Nandi tells Drum that times are evolving and women can’t look the way their great-grandmother’s did.

“This all started with a playful post. I was speaking to young women about their upkeep. Saying they should be neat when they wear their uniforms. They should put on make-up, and eyelashes and make sure their eyebrows are on fleek. And of course, they should get their nails done.”

Nandi adds that times are evolving and we cannot look the way our great-grandmothers looked and there’s nothing in the church’s constitution that says make-up is not allowed. 

“It is just some people’s preference and now they are making it sound like it’s the law. They can look like plain Janes if they want to, but they must leave us to do what we want to do. Then suddenly in the comments, there were people who were insulting me, talking about how I have too many children and calling my children piglets.

She addressed the matter after not saying anything as she was tired of being the bigger person.

“How dare they? I am happily married and I have only been with my husband and no one else, I am doing the word of God which says to be fruitful and multiply. Yet I am being insulted by people with multiple baby daddies. “

“It is common in the black community to say that people’s kids are like Choice Assorted if they have different dads. So now they are upset that I said mixed veg?”

She adds that she is not anybody’s mentor or role model as she said she would not counsel anyone. 

“I have never wanted that responsibility. I am not a psychologist, I am not a professional. There’s a type of way a pastor’s wife is expected to look, sound, or dress, and I do not conform to that. I do not want the stress of being boxed.”

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The wife, mother, and reality TV star Nandipha Mlombi aka Queen Nandi of Pastors’ Wives also tells the publication she does not fit the mold of a conventional pastor’s wife and has never been accepted as such. 

“When I got to church, I got there as a congregant, just like anyone. It is my husband who has a calling, not me. Mine is to support my husband in whatever manner he needs.”

She also revealed on social media that her husband hasn’t been placed or allocated a church for this year and the circuit they were leading in Bedfordview was given to a new pastor. 

Mlombi adds that her family has not been to church this year because the new pastor is now leading the church and they were told they are not allowed there.

“I cannot speak much on that because it is a legal matter. The church has decided to apply for an eviction order, but we are still here. These are power struggles in the leadership that the congregation is not aware of. The people in that circuit were happy with my husband.”


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