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‘7de Laan’ actress Nobuhle Mahlasela went down memory lane on how she stated on the show. Image via Instagram @nobuhle1

‘I am a Zulu girl’: Actress Nobuhle ‘Aggie’ Mahlasela on ‘7de Laan’

Nobuhle Mahlasela who plays Aggie on ‘7de Laan’ was recently interviewed on Metro FM following the show confirming the end of its era.

7de laan

‘7de Laan’ actress Nobuhle Mahlasela went down memory lane on how she stated on the show. Image via Instagram @nobuhle1

Seasoned actress Nobuhle Mimi Mahlasela was recently interviewed on Metro FM and opened up about how she bagged her role as Aggie on the recently cancelled South African iconic Afrikaans drama, 7de Laan.


After airing for the past 23 years, 7de Laan producers, Danie Odendaal Productions released a statement on social media and confirmed that they were pulling the plug on the Afrikaans production which had produced 24 seasons since it started.

“It has been an honour and privilege to produce a show that has touched the lives of so many South Africans for over two decades. As we come to the end of this chapter, we express our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated cast and crew who have poured their talent and passion into bringing the show to life,” the statement read.

In the statement, they also revealed that they will be airing the last episode in December.

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Nobuhle Mahlasela recently went down memory lane during an interview with Metro FM and shared her story of how she was cast in the recently cancelled soapie.

“I was still studying at Tshwane University of Technology. I was in my third year and we were doing auditions for casting directors in the industry… They prepare you for getting in the industry after you’ve graduated. One of the directors and floor managers were at the campus to see the auditions,” Mahlasela said.

She explained that she was approached with the role to play Aggie and was told that it would be a small part to play. But at the time, she was still a student and was not supposed to take roles. However, her dean gave her the go-ahead to take the gig only because she was already almost done with her third year.

7de laan
Nobuhle Mahlesela plays Aggie on ‘7de Laan’. Image via Instagram @nobuhle1

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Nobuhle Mahlasela became one of a few black actors and actresses that were cast on 7de Laan in its two decades on television. Although she is not Afrikaans, she said she did try to learn the language along the way. She hilariously shared that her Afrikaans is not as good as many may believe it to be.

“I am a Zulu girl born in Baragwanath Hospital, from Alexander,” she said.

“In my second year, I decided to do a course in Afrikaans just because I thought it would give me one step ahead of the rest,” she added.

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