Redi Thlabi

Images via Twitter: @redithlabi/@DZumaSambudla

Redi Thlabi calls Dudu Zuma ‘vile and dishonest’ as they exchange blows

Early on Sunday morning tweeps witnessed how journalist Redi Thlabi and JZ’s daughter Dudu Zuma exchanged hectic insults and accusations! Take a look…

Redi Thlabi

Images via Twitter: @redithlabi/@DZumaSambudla

South African journalist Redi Thlabi and daughter of former president Jacob Zuma have left tweeps shook after they shared some scathing tweets with each other early this Sunday morning. The two hurled insults at each other while Twitter locals tweeps shared their thoughts on the drama in the comments section.

Redi Thlabi vs Dudu Zuma: Sharp tongues face off

South African Twitter users have been left thoroughly entertained by a Twitter battle that involves local journalist Redi Thlabi and Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Duduzile Zuma. It all started when Redi subliminally tweeted about the Zumas and Dudu’s tweets regarding the unrest that many saw as her “inciting violence.”

“They all think they can’t be traced. You don’t even need the Hawks. In 5 minutes….these minions can be found. Then they abandon Twitter. Shouldn’t they stay & be bold? Imagine being 36 & appearing in court on a Monday, over politicians who don’t give a rat’s arse about you,” wrote Redi.

Soon thereafter Dudu spotted the very obvious tweet and sure as hell wasn’t going to start keeping quiet now and so she responded:

“The Same Politician You Used To Visit In His Forest Town Home…??? I Know Cause I Used To Open The Door For You…And It Didn’t End There, You Followed This Same Politician To Genendendal In CPT…Qhubeka And I’ll Open The Files…You Are Just Bitter!!!”

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If you thought Redi left it there you are very mistaken, the journalist then went on to deny ever supporting Zuma while calling Dudu “vile and dishonest like her father” much to the shock and amazement of other tweeps.

“You are TRULY your father’s child. Vile & dishonest. You sat in court of law ,& justified his rapey predatory abuse of Fezeka Kuzwayo. So nothing will stop you doing it here. I have NEVER visited his Forrest Town home. I have NEVER been to Genadendal since Mbeki’s presidency,” she wrote.

Dudu responded to that by accusing Redi of wanting to be the first lady of SA:

“The Only Truth You Speak Here Is That I Am Indeed My Father’s Child…And PROUDLY SO! The Rest Is Between You And Your Failed Mission To Be One Of The First Ladies…You Just Weren’t JZ’s Spec #ColonialClerk

Here’s what SA has to say:

@phillibecks said:

“I hope she is regretting starting Redi bcoz she will be stripped naked with truth. Zuma folks like threatening people bcoz they r gud at creating lies. If Redi visited Zuma for love she wasn’t going to write that book against Zuma. They thought SA belongs to Zuma family & Guptas”

@thami_tom said:

“Mama Redi, otherwise, some may refer to you Gogo Redi, remember? The judgement outcomes of the court concluded that both parties engaged in adult consent and it will assist you to go back to the judgement before spewing bile about u Baba, please Folded hands”

@mpho3435 said:

“Lying has become a norm at the Zuma household.”

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