Tweeps slam MacG over his comments on Minnie Dlamini.
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‘Garbage’: MacG fans slam publication’s dismissal of Podcast and Chill

Fans of Podcast and Chill have launched an attack on a local publication after it questioned if South Africans were ‘tired’ of MacG …


Tweeps slam MacG over his comments on Minnie Dlamini.
Image via Facebook

Outspoken media personality MacG has to have one of the most loyal – and savage- fanbases in the country.

But despite being one of the most popular podcasters in the country – and world – Podcast and Chill have attracted backlash for their controversial and no-holds barred conversations.

Over the weekend, “chillers”; ie fans of the show, took aim at a City Press writer’s critique of MacG. The writer also profiled other up-and-coming and even established entertainment podcasters to listen to, as an alternative.

But her suggestions were not taken kindly and chillers resorted to angry tweets and even personal attacks on the writer.


In a tweet posted on Saturday, the City Press entertainment writer wrote: “When you’re tired of listening to MacG, finding good podcasts can prove to be a trying task”.

The tweet blew up with chillers on Twitter taking aim at both the publication and the writer. Some even recalled MacG’s theories that media houses were on a mission to “sabotage” his reputation.

“You can promote other podcasts but you don’t have to bring down others who are trying to put food on the table. Do better guys”

“How do you even come to that suggestion that we’ll ever get tired of MacG?”

“I remember when MacG said some radio stations pay news outlets and influencers to try and bring them down”

“This is attack on Young Black Excellence because he took on the Mainstream media Radio Stations #HandsOffMacG”


Podcast and Chill co-star Sol Phenduka also weighed in. He tweeted: “Yall are doing a great injustice to the Podcasts you are pushing here. Your headline takes away from them. Everyone is talking about the HEADLINE but not the Podcasts you trying to promote”.

According to stats, Podcast and Chill ranks in the Top 3 urban podcasts in the world.

Chillers we thank you ????????????????????

Posted by Mac G on Tuesday, 25 January 2022

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