Lady Du

Lady Du wants to help female artists. Image via Twitter @Ladydu_sa

‘I’m in hell and crying every day’: Lady Du dumps her manager [watch]

Amapiano star Lady Du has parted ways with her manager after he allegedly took money from promoters behind her back and more.

Lady Du

Lady Du wants to help female artists. Image via Twitter @Ladydu_sa

Amapiano artist Duduzile Ngwenya, popularly known as Lady Du, parted ways with her management team, announced via Instagram on 19 February.


The amapiano star has been having some trouble with her management so she took to social media to let her 961 000 followers know. Lady Du shared that she did not know why she was not getting booked but then realised her manager was telling people that she was not available for bookings and allegedly took money from promoters.

This was because he does not work on weekends. She did not reveal the name of her manager. Take a look..

The amapiano artist went on to say that she worked day and night to build her career.

“I have worked day and night trying to build myself, I have never been helped financially, I do not have industry connections. I have genuinely built a career for myself that is run by people. You guys made me who I am today. It is sad that at times we have to smile but we are actually broken beings,” she wrote.

“We have to give hugs to people when we actually need them ourselves. I’d like to thank you guys for personally for being my strength, I’d like to tell you how important you all are to me. It is because of you that I could still continue and not give up on myself,” she continued.

“I’m not one to fight nje and I’ve tried my level best to keep it in and not say anything but I thought naaaa people go through sooo much in this industry, these new age amapiano Kids need a person that will actually be transparent so they see the industry isn’t as easy as it looks,” she added. 

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MacG discussed Lady Du’s management woes on an episode of Podcast And Chill on 22 February. Sol Phenduka was shocked to learn that Lady Du’s manager is Thabiso Khati because he is a well known music executive.

“When you’re at Lady Du’s level do you actually need a manager? Because I’m not on Lady Du’s level right. So, when I was at Y(FM) my mom was my manager and I realised she’s like a booking agent,” said MacG.

MacG thought Lady Du should have a booking agent instead of a manager.

Watch the full episode below…

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