Kuli Roberts

Kuli Roberts’ dreams for political domination were very shot lived. Images via Twitter: @kuliroberts

Kuli Roberts’ huge ATM political dreams brought to an abrupt halt

Shortly after it was announced that media personality Kuli Roberts was joining African Transformation Movement the news has hit that she will no longer be a member of the party.

Kuli Roberts

Kuli Roberts’ dreams for political domination were very shot lived. Images via Twitter: @kuliroberts

South African media personality Kuli Roberts surprised many of her fans when it was announced she would be dipping her toes in political affairs. The TV presenter revealed that she had joined African Transformation Movement and was also running for a ward 65 councillor position.

Kuli Roberts backs away from political ties

Kuli Roberts is undoubtedly a very passionate person but this still didn’t stop her ample fans from being surprised when Mzwanele Manyi of the African Transformation Movement announced that she was joining their party and a candidate to be a ward councillor.

“The one and only @kuliroberts has joined the winning team. Servant Kuli has signed up to serve the people of South Africa. Servant Kuli is ATM Councillor Candidate for Ward 65 in Tshwane. We wish her well,” read a statement made by Manyi.

A few days later however he made another announcement that Khuli will no longer fall part of the ATM party.

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“Due to unforeseen and confidential circumstances it is no longer possible to have Nomakula Roberts as a member and ward councillor candidate of the African Transformation Movement,” the statement starts off. “Further to the above Ms. Nomakula Roberts has to step down both as the member and ward councillor candidate at the ATM.”

Meanwhile trouble is seemingly brewing

Zalebs has also reported that the media personality was sacked from her position as a lifestyle editor at Sunday World due to her appointment at ATM.

According to the publication, her decision to join the party brought the publication into “disrepute” and is “a violation of Press Code”.

“After long and careful deliberations, the management committee unanimously took a decision to suspend Roberts with immediate effect for allegedly violating the Press Code and bringing the company into disrepute,” reads an editorial published by Wally Mbhele.

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