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The Kiffness has slammed 947’s Anele Mdoda.
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@thekiffness/ @malema

‘Remove my music’: The Kiffness slams Anele over Malema tweet

Did The Kiffness pull a Karen on Anele? The muso was slammed for seemingly trying to get the 947 presenter in trouble for liking Malema’s pic.

the kiffness, anele, malema

The Kiffness has slammed 947’s Anele Mdoda.
Images via Twitter:
@thekiffness/ @malema

The Kiffness has clapped back at 947 presenter Anele Mdoda after she liked a picture of EFF leader Julius Malema on her personal Twitter account. The muso has even gone as far as to call on the station to stop playing his music.

Malema is currently under fire after a clip of him performing the struggle song Kill The Boer went viral. The controversial politician and party celebrated its 10th anniversary at the FNB Stadium over the weekend.

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Over the weekend, Anele Mdoda – like many South Africans – commented on pictures taken at EFF’s elaborate celebrations at the FNB Stadium.

One particular pic of Malema being airlifted on a pedestal even got a like from the TV and radio personality. “This picture is [thumbs up emoji],” she tweeted.

But The Kiffness – real name David Scott – disagreed. Firing back, he tagged Anele’s employers. “Do you endorse this @947?”

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He added: “I’d like to know if @947 are ok with employing someone who openly praises a man who incites violence against a minority ethnic group?

“If they are, then I’d like them to remove any of my music from their station.”

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When one tweep reminded The Kiffness of a tweet he posted condemning “cancel culture,” he clapped back: “The difference is that I simply asked them to remove my music if they’re ok with her praising Malema. 

“If it were cancel culture, I would’ve asked for 947 to fire Anele. Know the difference between cancel culture & freedom of association”.

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Anele and 947 have yet to respond to The Kiffness.

The radio presenter the not the only public profile to receive condemnation by the hitmaker. Following his praise of Malema, Build One South Africa leader Mmusi Maimane also caught strays.

Responding to the opposition leader, The Kiffness tweeted: “How do you with a clear conscience congratulate a party that has done nothing for this country except sow division and incite violence? Did you congratulate the devil when you were a pastor?”

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Following his Twitter rant, The Kiffness received a barrage of clap backs from Twitter users, who accused him of “pulling a Karen.”

Many reminded the muso that Anele liked the picture of Malema, not the politician himself.

Julius Malema, leader of the EFF Party. Image by
Julius Malema, leader of the EFF Party. Image by

@DennisMaduna13: “What Karen thing to do? He pulled the I’d like to speak to your manager, please. This is not on’.”

@tucklady: “She has a life, and this is her Twitter page.”

@CophoZintle: “Well, you’re dramatic.”

@Ntandoentle5: “Relax, your music is boring anyway, so it’s cool!”