DJ Sbu tells fans to hug a tree

DJ Sbu tells fans to hug a tree
Image via TikTok

DJ Sbu mocked for ‘hug a tree’ message [watch]

DJ Sbu wants you to embrace your ‘third eye’ and connect with nature by hugging a tree and walking barefoot in the garden…

DJ Sbu tells fans to hug a tree

DJ Sbu tells fans to hug a tree
Image via TikTok

DJ Sbu is embracing his roots – literally – after he shared a motivational message with his fans.

The music star and entrepreneur took to TikTok over the weekend to encourage his followers to connect with nature and their “third eye”.

He even gave his fans homework – hug a tree and walk barefoot everyday.


Taking to his TikTok, DJ Sbu enlightened his followers on how to embrace their spiritual journey. This included information on your “third eye”, scientifically known as you pineal gland, which is located in the centre of your brain.

He said: “Your pineal gland gives you your intelligence. Once you start awakening that third eye, that’s when your life starts changing. That’s when you start maturing because it means you are in tune and one with nature”.

“We are all spiritual beings, we are all energy. Everything that you are, you are transmitting and you are receiving”.

DJ Sbu then gave his fans homework to kickstart the process.

He said: “Hug a tree everyday. Once a day. Even if it’s just for five seconds. At least once a day – even if it’s for five minutes – walk barefooted.

“Love you hair. If you want to let your hair and beard grow…do what you like and makes you happy”.


DJ Sbu’s message on new age philosophy had many tweeps divided – and amused.

Many agreed with his sentiments

“DJ Sbu is right. Grounding yourself is therapeutic . So hug a tree, let your feet connect with the soil and grass . Walk naked in the sun and eat raw liver”

“Sbu spoke no lies in that video. Incorporate nature more into your everyday life, tread barefooted. Reconnect. Breathe. touch some grass, literally”

“To simplify, Sbu depicts how the soul must incline with the universe because as people, we return to the universe when our purpose is met”


Others found them a bit far-fetched for their liking…

“DJ Sbu we are oppressed, excluded, exploited and dispossessed bona bathi [they say] hug a tree, walk barefooted…Is DJ Sbu crazy now?”

“Hug a tree, or at least walk 5 minutes barefooted once a day – has Sbu gone full blown hippie?”

“DJ Sbu sounds like those dudes who get high on weed and start talking about ‘The System'”

“Sbu is the ambassador of trees now? This man really tried everything in life”


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