Somizi is set to address his dovorce on his reality show. Image via Instagram @somizi.

Somhale divorce: Somizi reveals Mohale abused him, refuses mediation

Somizi’s estranged husband, Mohale pleads for mediation to avoid airing their dirty laundry in court. He alleges Mohale abused him.


Somizi is set to address his dovorce on his reality show. Image via Instagram @somizi.

It is reported that Somizi Mhlongo’s estranged husband – Mohale Motaung has changed his tune and wants mediation after sources revealed that Mhlongo will share with the courts that Motaung abused him.  

This is after Motaung alleged that Mhlongo physically abused him and delayed the commencement of their divorce in 2021.  

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Media personalities Mohale Motaung and Somizi Mhlongo’s divorce trial will turn sour for Motaung if Mhlongo brings a counter-accusation of physical abuse against him   

Mhlongo rejected a mediation proposal because of Motaung’s “conduct” according to a Sunday World article.  

The pair parted ways in 2021 after Motaung revealed Mohlongo physically abused him and had unreasonable sex demands.  

A source revealed that the Idols SA judge and the Rhythm City actor are expected to air their dirty laundry in the Joburg High Court.  

It is also reported that they will fight for the division of their joint estate as they were married in a community of property.  

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The source also informed the publication that Somizi Mhlongo became frustrated when he was unable to meet Motaung’s demands.  

He became more frustrated when Motaung delayed the commencement of their divorce.  

It is alleged that Mohale refused to meet with an official from the sheriff’s office to sign a combined summons and a letter rejecting the mediation on August 24 last year.  

The summons was then handed to Motaung’s lawyers, Ulrich Roux and Associates Attorneys.

The source said:   

“So the matter will now go to the court where he would relate his own story.”  

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It is revealed that Mhlongo wants a division of their joint estate while Motaung stated that he did not want anything from their joint estate, except the clothes that he left in their matrimonial house in Fourways and his car.  

Motaung and Mhlongo made headlines in 2021 when he revealed in a recording with a TV producer that Mhlongo tried to force him off the road, bumped his Audi after an altercation, and abused him.   

It was also reported that Motaung was cheating on his now-estranged husband and that Mhlongo was a control freak who did not want him to earn a living. 

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