duduzane zuma

Jacob Zuma’s son, Duduzane Zuma. Image via Instagram @buttercurrency_.

‘Ask Duduzane!’ Tweeps not ‘target market’ for Jacob Zuma donations

Tweeps think ‘Duduzane can sell the Porsche and Duduzile can get a job’ to pay Jacob Zuma’s legal fees as the public should not be the ‘target market’ for donations.

duduzane zuma

Jacob Zuma’s son, Duduzane Zuma. Image via Instagram @buttercurrency_.

Tweeps are angered by the Jacob Zuma Foundation’s request for the public to contribute to the former president’s legal fees, while his son Duduzane Zuma is “basically living on a plane” heading off to Dubai whenever he wants to.

The Jacob Zuma foundation put out a “humble” call for donations to the public, to cover legal fees of the former president on Tuesday 24 August. Jacob Zuma, who is serving 15 months imprisonment for contempt of court, is due back in court for his corruption trial next month. 

“We humbly request for donations to help cover the legal fees of our patron,” wrote the Jacob Zuma foundation on Twitter.

The post is accompanied by banking details and a Whatsapp number to verify the legitimacy of the donation call out.

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However, asking the public to crowdfund for the former president’s legal fees while his children are living lives of luxury, did not sit right with Tweeps. 

Many social media users took to the Twitter streets to vent their anger at the request with many specifically calling out Duduzane Zuma. Tweeps have pointed out that Duduzane Zuma “basically lives on a plane” with the amount of times he takes a flight to Dubai, where he has an apartment. 

“Duduzane was giving out food parcels 2 weeks ago, and has a squad of 5 bodyguards, has a fleet of SUV’s, and lives in an expensive apartment. Why doesn’t he sell some SUV’s, move back home, and let one or two bodyguards go, so he can lend a helping hand to his own damn father?” wrote a Tweep.


While others have similar opinions of Duduzane and think his twin sister Duduzile Zuma can get a job.


Tweeps have also noted the irony of asking the public to contribute their hard earned money to pay the legal fees of Zuma, while his family has lived lives that are not within their reach, concluding that they are not the “target market” for this donation.


While many are arguing the irony of the situation, Zuma’s loyal supporters have already been donating towards his legal fees.


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