kairo, AKA, zinhle

AKA’s mother Lynn Forbes has responded to speculation that Kairo is being ‘exploited’.
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‘No one forced her’: AKA’s mom clears air on Kairo ‘exploitation’

AKA’s mother Lynn Forbes has clapped back at criticism that his daughter Kairo is being ‘exploited’ by their family…

kairo, AKA, zinhle

AKA’s mother Lynn Forbes has responded to speculation that Kairo is being ‘exploited’.
Images via Instagram:

AKA’s mother, Lynn Forbes, has clapped back hard against suggestions his daughter Kairo is being “exploited.” This after the eight-year-old performed at last weekend’s 947 Joburg Day alongside her mother, DJ Zinhle, and her father’s girlfriend, Nadia Nakai.

AKA and friend Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane were shot and killed by unknown gunmen in Durban in February. An arrest has yet to be made in his murder investigation.

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In a series of tweets, Lynn – fondly known as “Glammy” – set the record straight on social media commentary about Kairo.

During the Joburg Day concert, Kairo was seen rapping along to one of her dad’s hit songs. She was also seen crying on stage and comforted by her loved ones.

But Lynn insists that AKA’s daughter was never coerced into attending or performing at the concert.

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Clapping back at a critic who accused the family of “exploiting” the child’s trauma, Lynn posted: “Kairo didn’t say, ‘I WANT to perform at Joburg Day.’ She said, ‘I’m GOING TO perform at Joburg Day. I don’t want anyone to go on stage with me. I’m going to sing my daddy’s song, by myself’”.

She added: “It sat well with her, She cried. She is very proud of herself. No one forced her.

Lynn added in another tweet – supposedly from Kairo’s perspective: “A normal childhood? My mom is a whole DJ Zinhle, and my dad is the SupaMega”.

Emotional DJ Zinhle comforts Kairo Forbes. Images via Instagram @djzinhle.

Glammy also responded to criticism of Kairo’s choice of clothing at the Metro FM Awards in May. The only child of AKA attended the event alongside Lynn and the late rapper’s father, Tony Forbes.

She added: “Also Kairo chose her own outfit for the Metro Awards … she loved the look, and she doesn’t care what we think”


In the comments section, it was clear that AKA’s fans – known as the “Megacy” – agreed with her sentiments.

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Here’s what a few had to say:

@thujahWenu: “She’s brave, and if celebrating her dad’s life and success not only in private but in public too brings a little healing, comfort & happiness to her, then why not? I support the movement. People must let Kairo find her happiness her own way”.

@TlaleLynn: “It’s her dad, after all. She can do what she likes whenever she desires to. These overly moral humans must just focus on their miserly selves and leave the daughter of AKA alone!”

@mmalenyalo_40: “MOST IMPORTANTLY! People must raise their own children! How other people raise THEIRS should not be our business”.