Zanoxolo King: An Afro-soul vo

Afro-soul/R&B vocalist Zanoxolo King. Image Supplied: By Zanoxolo King

Zanoxolo King: An Afro-soul vocalist on the verge of becoming a household name!

He has been a backing vocalist, and even appeared on IdolsSA. Now Afro-soul/R&B vocalist Zanoxolo King is ready to make his mark.

Zanoxolo King: An Afro-soul vo

Afro-soul/R&B vocalist Zanoxolo King. Image Supplied: By Zanoxolo King

23-year-old Zanoxolo King is no stranger to the music industry. The Afro-soul/R&B vocalist has graced various stages backing some of the country’s elite artists including the legendary Hlengiwe Mhlaba. With a stint on IdolsSA Season 18, and an iTunes top 100 charting debut single, it’s safe to say the young musician is ready for his turn in the limelight.

Zanoxolo remains authentic and relatable

For Zanoxolo, authenticity is king. Describing his musical delivery as his x-factor quality, the vocalist swears by his ability to connect with audiences from different walks of life. Having fully mastered his sound, King says the listener is bound to experience a spiritual phenomenon with his music.

“I have mastered my sound, tone, and style. I can always guarantee that my music will give one a spiritual experience regardless of their religious affiliation.”

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Not just another singer

Aside from being musically inclined, King is also a professional Community Development Practitioner. The singer credits his job for keeping him grounded in his authenticity and allowing him to remain relatable.

“I know the people I am writing to. I know their stories, and I am one with them.”

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King on the rise of Amapiano

With the South African music industry favouring Amapiano as a commercial genre, Zanoxolo remains optimistic. Reiterating that as a vocalist, he isn’t restricted by genre and that he can easily jump on a breezy Amapiano beat without betraying his sound.

“However, I acknowledge that there is a pressure to crossover because money and popularity are a big part of the industry. I also think that the best artists in the world are the ones that have mastered the art of innovation and growth.”

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Experience has prepared Zanoxolo

King says he owes a lot of gratitude to his days as a backing vocalist because that equipped him with a great deal of discipline. Of his time on IdolsSA, the singer says the show boosted his confidence and convinced him he was a superstar.

“Now more than ever, I believe I am meant for bigger stages. I don’t flinch or slouch, I enter rooms confidently as myself.”

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Coming up next

Since the release of his debut single “Oko,” the singer has worked on various projects. A sold-out one-man show, numerous TV performances, and a project for Stimorol SA. The Afro-soul vocalist will release his highly anticipated new single “Ndiyayazi” later this month. King also added that fans should expect at least three songs from him before the end of the year.

“Quite recently, I worked on a major project for Stimorol SA and got the opportunity to do studio work with Kamo Mphela, Musa Keys, and Major Steez”

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Dream collaborations

Given the opportunity, Zanoxolo would love to collaborate with Msaki, Black Coffee, and Lebo Sekgobela.

“I have worked with Lebo Sekgobela for a substantive time as a tenor vocalist. I’m forever inspired by her delivery, and I think it’s a collaboration that would make sense to the public.”

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A bright future ahead

With a team dedicated to helping the Afro-soul/R&B vocalist rise to his full potential, it is safe to say that Zanoxolo King will be ending 2023 on a high note!