Zodwa Wabantu

Socialite Zodwa Wabantu at a night club. Image via Twitter @SowetanLIVE

‘Ask for R15k’: Zodwa shares allowance advice with Mzansi Ben 10s

Zodwa Wabantu has received mixed reactions from South Africans after she advised Ben10s to make sure they get at least R15k monthly allowance.

Zodwa Wabantu

Socialite Zodwa Wabantu at a night club. Image via Twitter @SowetanLIVE

South African exotic dancer Zodwa Wabantu doesn’t shy away from being vocal about her preference for men. If you know Zodwa, you know that she loves a man who is a lot younger than her. She recently shared some advice with young Ben 10s about how much money they should be expecting from their sugar mamas.

Zodwa shares some bizarre advice with Ben10s

Zodwa Wabantu is very open about her sexual life and often entertains her many fans and supporters on her Instagram page with sometimes bizarre and sometimes helpful life advice.

This time the dancer took to the social media app where she shared some advice with young men who date older women. According to her, they should be asking the ladies for a hefty amount of money for their “monthly” allowance.

“Hi guys, to all my Ben 10s, guys look at me, I sell sex and I am given a car in return. So to every Ben 10 that is dating me…if you’re gonna go out there while you’re dating me as in you’re hustling, ask for money, ask for driver’s license.

“Don’t ask for champagne or alcohol. If you’re gonna [sleep around] while dating me…ask for 15 000 monthly allowances….”

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Meanwhile Mzansi shares some interesting responses

@david_shikongo23 said:

“But you use uMuthi ukuthwala ngenyoka zodwa, be careful my youngster boys, this Zodwa is taking away ben10’s future and lives when you sleep with her, she’s feeding her snake for her to prosper, beware my fellow brothers and sisters of this blessers. 99% use sangoma”

@frostdm_ said:

“Like I said adopt me even if the dog gets tired of barking at night I will be barking ????????????the ben 10 u meet are weak asf????????meet us that’s the day you will go mute”

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