Woolies cake slices.

Woolies cake slices. Image via Twitter @SuvaniaS

Woolies responds to singletons’ complaints about couples buying cake slices

The singletons revealed on social media that Woolies should prevent couples from buying R40 cake slices as they’re running out.

Woolies cake slices.

Woolies cake slices. Image via Twitter @SuvaniaS

The singletons took to social media this week to complain to their favourite retailer Woolworths aka Woolies about couples buying R40 cake slices, instead of a whole cake.

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Social media user @shottazee took to X (formerly known as Twitter) on Wednesday, 4 October to request Woolies to prevent couples from buying the cake slices as their local stores are constantly running out.

“Dear @WOOLWORTHS_SA, what’s your plan towards preventing people WHO DO NOT STAY ALONE from buying the newly launched cake slices?”

“They are rarely in stock. I saw a young couple yesterday at Nicolway putting one in their basket. Your swift intervention will be appreciated.”

Woolworths replied: “Escalating this to senior management immediately, honestly,” (with a laughing emoji).

IOL reports that the different cake flavours: rainbow, chocolate caramel and carrot cake slices are now sold for R39.99 each.

Customers feel that the cake slices were created for people who live alone, hence the single slice marketing strategy.

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@SbuMpungose: “Couples are really getting out of hand. So selfish.”

@EOllse: “It’s also time we have 1/2 chicken option too. What’s taking management so long?”

@RChidya: “Hope they create singles register to deal with cheats especially the married ones.”

@tmatsea: “I remember when the rainbow cake was launched. I was staying alone, and I’d buy the cake and have it for lunch and dinner. My weakness was revealed over and over. @WOOLWORTHS_SA.”

@TheMxolisi. “Dear @WOOLWORTHS_SA, please can you put a limit per customer on amadombolo. Some ppl are just greedy nje.”

@MamepeKam: “The Woolies CEO must be the first point of call in the escalation of this matter.”

@andikho_ryt: “I stopped buying whole cakes when I realized I was constantly rushing to finish it before it goes bad.”

@thandoau: “Absolutely. sometimes I want a peppermint crisp cake but the thought of buying the entire cake puts me so off.”

@Thipsy991: “Wow wonderful. Sometimes you just want a little slice of cake. Also cake for people who stay alone and stuff. I like it.”

@KiniMogale: “@WOOLWORTHS_SA communication is at the top of the game. I had an unpleasant experience at the Woolies by our local mall. E – mailed, and the next day the said Woolworths store manager rang me.”

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