dstv, multichoice

Dstv has reported an almost R1 billion loss in just 6 months.

Image by Alehandra13 from Pixabay

End of an era? South Africans celebrate DStv’s demise after mass subscriber loss

SA viewers claim Multichoice’s R1bn and 500k DStv subscriber loss is their own doing due to reasons like affordability, repeats and packages.

dstv, multichoice

Dstv has reported an almost R1 billion loss in just 6 months.

Image by Alehandra13 from Pixabay

Now that the Rugby World Cup is over, many South Africans have dumped their DStv subscriptions – for good – for various reasons, including a lack of affordability. And according to recent stats, the Multichoice Group is paying the price after a significant drop.

In a recent report measuring data from March – September 2023, the entertainment group lost almost R1 billion after half a million subscribers dumped their services.

And many viewers claim the results are the company’s own doing after refusing to listen to feedback from consumers.


In just six short months, My Broadband claims Multichoice reported an after-tax loss of R911 million. This is a major blow from the R55 million after-tax profit it measured in the same period last year.

The loss is due to a drop in more than 500 000 DStv subscribers during March and September 2023. According to Moneyweb, Multichoice lost subscribers in all three packages: premium, mid-market [Compact], and mass market [Family, Access, Easy View], for the first time since 2019.

Despite major sporting events like the Rugby World Cup, Netball World Cup, and Fifa Women’s World Cup and the acquisition of the hit TV series Shaka Ilembe, Multichoice blamed rolling blackouts for much of its loss.

It said in a statement: “The South African business had to contend with the effects of ongoing high levels of load-shedding as 43% of the days in the reporting period were impacted by stage 4–6 load-shedding”.

Multichoice added that loadshedding remained the “most immediate challenge in terms of subscriber activity”


News of a drastic reduction in DStv subscribers was nothing surprising for social media users, many of whom confessed to cutting ties with the broadcaster.

Here are a few reasons why South Africans dumped DStv for good

Premiums are too high

The cheapest DStv package – Access is R129 per month for 72 channels – while the full bouquet of Premium is the most expensive at R879 per month for 152 channels. This does not include the price of additional decoders or insurance.

Cannot choose their own channels

Many former DStv subscribers complained that the packages on offer were not tailored to their individual viewing needs.

Too many repeats and not enough diversity

Repeats of old content and a lack of in-demand shows were also another gripe.

Too many advertisements

As compared to streaming platforms, viewers were annoyed by the multiple ad breaks between viewing.

Comparisons to steaming services

Compared to cheaper streaming platforms like Netflix and Showmax or even YouTube Premium, South Africans found that DStv was lacking.