Proudly South African

What does it mean to be Proudly South African … officially? Picture: File/Fotor.

What does it mean to be Proudly South African … officially?

We’ve all seen the logo, and we’re aware of the marketing campaigns, but what does it actually mean to be Proudly South African?

Proudly South African

What does it mean to be Proudly South African … officially? Picture: File/Fotor.

I’m Proudly South African. And I bet you are, too. You’re even reading a website called The South African. But I’m especially proud when the Springboks beat three top sides by one point to retain the World Cup. One point, four years, see you in 2027, world.

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But have you wondered what it really means to be Proudly South African? As in, when you see a logo on the local items you may purchase. Well, The Citizen spoke to the CEO of Proudly SA, Eustace Mashimbye, and here’s what it really means to be Proudly South Africa …


Here’s what it means to be fly the flag high for SA. Picture: File.

The Proudly South African campaign started at the turn of the new millennium in 2001. It was devised as a way to encourage South Africans to buy locally produced goods. By supporting homegrown businesses its aim is to boost economic growth and job creation.

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Mashimbye says entrepreneurs benefit from credibility, trust and increased market visibility when their locally produced products wear the logo. “Consumers are willing to pay a premium for locally made, high quality items, amplifying the logo’s influence,” said Mashimbye.

What does it take to get the Proudly SA logo on your product? Picture: Shutterstock.

Anyone who runs a business and creates products locally must undergo testing to prove their products are worthy of wearing the Proudly SA logo. There is a membership fee which is payable upfront, too, and renewable annually. Click HERE to check out the fee structures for various sectors.   

Requirements include the following:

  • Annual quality checks.
  • Raw materials must be locally sourced.
  • Local labour employed.


Proudly South African events, like DSTV Delicious Festival. Picture: File.

Proudly South African says it provides members with access to markets, networking opportunities, collaborations and development support. This is all-important support for any entrepreneur starting out and competing against long-established players.

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“Furthermore, those who are part of the Proudly South African group gain access to industry experts, potential partners, mentorship and funding opportunities,” Mashimbye said.


Buy Local wine festival. Picture: File.

Despite protracted markets, inflation, the cost-of-living crisis, and generally difficult economic conditions, the organisation is still putting its best foot forward. Currently, there are products from more than 2 000 local businesses in 26 sectors wearing the trusted logo.

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What do you think of Proudly South African products? Do you trust them more and prefer to support local when you can? Be sure to share your thoughts with our audience in the comments section below. And don’t forget to follow us @TheSANews on X and The South African on Facebook for the latest updates.