Babies born in 2000 are becomi

Babies born in 2000 are becoming adults this year and people are freaking out

“Here’s to 2018, the year that people born in the 1900s can no longer brag to us 2000 babies about being an adult!” You should probably sit down for this:

Babies born in 2000 are becomi

As of January 1, 2018 babies born in 2000 are stepping into adulthood. Yes, they are turning 18, which makes them ‘young adults’. As it goes, Twitter users cannot cope with this news and collaboratively started to freak out:

1. If you think about it, 90’s kids are over and done with:

2. People cannot come to terms with it:

3. Babies born in 2000 are turning 18…

4. Twitter is not happy:

5. It’s a strange concept…

6. They have to sit down:

7. The future of it all:

8. Yes, well in South Africa too:

9. And in the U.S. it will look like this:

10. They’ll be ‘up in the club’ any day now:

11. And this will happen:

12. It seems ‘2000 babies’ themselves are also in denial:


14. Say it isn’t so…

15. This realisation:

16. Everyone thought so…

17. Time flies:

18. How awesome — for them!

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