Mandela Bridge

Johannesburg’s Nelson Mandela Bridge from the top of the Red City Bus

Johannesburg City Sightseeing tours: Tickets, routes, stops and prices

No matter what you do, you’re going to have a great time

Mandela Bridge

Johannesburg’s Nelson Mandela Bridge from the top of the Red City Bus

The hustle, the bustle, and the fast pace of life is one of Johannesburg’s biggest draws. Yet it is the slow but steady journey on a City Sightseeing bus that really wins the flocking crowds over.

Jozi is a wonderfully diverse city, steeped in history and natural beauty. On the ground, it is cosmopolitan and vibrant. Above and away from the CBD, rolling hills and tranquil horizons set the scene for a peaceful escape. It is a city of contrasts, and beautiful contradictions.

The City Sightseeing bus really is the most exciting, yet relaxing journey you can take through the city. A lot like Cape Town’s big red bus rides, There’s a few different routes and each stop offers something new and enticing. If you’re in Joburg this summer, why not give it a whirl?

City Sightseeing Bus Information:

How do I book a ticket?

You can visit the City Sightseeing website here, and book your ticket online. Alternatively, you can pay in person via cash or card.

How much does a ticket cost?

Adults (18 and over) – R200

Children (5-17 years old) – R100

Infants (Four years old and younger) – Free

What routes can I take?

There are two main bus routes you can take, and another tour which includes a guided walk around Soweto:

  • Johannesburg City Tour

If you are looking for the full, immersive experience of the Joburg CBD, then this is the one for you. Whilst plotting a path through the city, you’ll have the chance to visit the country’s most compelling museums (The Apartheid Museum is unflinching, but also remains a must-visit for tourists wanting to know more about South Africa), and take in breathtaking views from the highest points of Jozi.

  • Johannesburg Green Tour

If you prefer a quieter way of life, then you’ll be best placed on the Green Tour. Stops include the more leafy suburbs in the sprawling metropolis, and there’s even a chance to see all the ‘big five’ animals at Johannesburg Zoo.

  • Soweto Extension Tour

Very much the spiritual home of the struggle against apartheid, Soweto is the tour of a lifetime. The vast township is home to 1.2 million residents, and the friendliest people who inhabit this planet. With ten major stops – featuring FNB Stadium and the colourful Orlando Towers – this part shuttle, part walking tour is Jozi’s hidden gem.

Where do we catch the bus?

  • City Tour:

Constitution Hill, Mining District, Calrton Centre (New Street), James Hall Transport Museum (Turf Road), Gold Reef City Casino Hotel, Apartheid Museum, SAB World of Beer, Origins Centres at Wits, The Grove Braamfontein (CNR Melle Street).

  • Green Tour:

Rosebank / Rosebank Gautrain Station, Zoo Lake, Johannesburg Zoo, Military Museum, Constitution Hill.

Constitution Hill is where you can swap routes and switch the city for greener pastures, or vice versa.

  • Soweto Extension Tour:

The tour to Soweto has one pick up point, and one drop off point in the city. That is at the Gold Reef City Casino Hotel

Timetable for the City Sightseeing buses:

City Tour – The first bus leaves Constitution Hill at 09:45, and begins its last circuit from the same stop at 15:55.

Green Tour – The first bus leaves Rosebank / Rosebank Gautrain Station at 09:00, and begins its last circuit from the same stop at 15:10.

Soweto Extension Tour – There are six hourly buses from Gold Reef City. The first tour starts at 10:05, whereas the last one begins at 15:20, returning guests back to the hotel before 17:30. Each trip takes approximately two hours.

For a more in-depth and graphic timetable, visit this link.

What does each tour cost?

We’ve previously covered the City and Green Sightseeing tours cost (R100 – R180). But the price for Soweto rises to R430 per adult, and R230 per child. This does include a ticket to use all red bus services throughout the day, too.

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