An AVO a day keeps the doctor at bay - here is more information

An AVO a day keeps the doctor at bay – here is more information Photo: Canva

An AVO a day keeps the doctor at bay

Avos – you smash it on toast, mash them in guacamole and chop them into a salad. But have you ever stopped to think about the health benefits?

An AVO a day keeps the doctor at bay - here is more information

An AVO a day keeps the doctor at bay – here is more information Photo: Canva

With sanitising, social distancing, and wearing masks our new norm, the world continues to come to grips with the COVID-19 pandemic.

As we do all that we can to manage our risk of illness and disease, it is good to know that we can do a lot to strengthen our body’s natural defense: the immune system.

And there is no better way than eating an avo a day!


Did you know that avocados contain some of the immune-supporting nutrients?

According to the South African Avocado Growers’ Association (SAAGA) avocados are high in copper, with one serving of avocado offering up one-third of our daily copper needs. Copper is needed for immune system function as this mineral plays a role in the functioning of special immune cells like macrophages, neutrophils, and monocytes. Copper also enhances the activity of natural killer cells, which help to limit the spread of infections in the body.

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Avocados are also high in biotin, a B-vitamin which contributes to the normal function of our skin. Our skin is the first line of defence against bacteria and viruses that enter the body, making it an important part in the normal functioning of the immune system.

In addition to these nutrients, avocados contain a substantial amount of bioactive compounds with unique nutritional properties. Beta-sitosterol, the type of bioactive compound found in avos, has been shown to have a notable effect on immunity.

And while the skin plays an essential role in immunity, so does another organ: the gut. A whopping 65% of our immune system is found in the gut.3 This makes a healthy gut vital for immune support. Where do avos fit in? Avocados are a source of fibre, which we know is essential for good gut health.


In addition, avocados have other immune-supporting nutrients. Vitamin C, folate, B6, magnesium, and zinc are found in small amounts in avocados which also help reinforce our immunity.

What is not to love about a food that can be enjoyed with every meal?

Try to add an avo on toast for a quick snack, dice into roast vegetables at dinnertime, or add to leafy greens for a healthy side salad.

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