‘Gomora’ actors Siyasanga Papu as Pretty, Katlego Danke as Thati and Siphesihle Ndaba as Mazet. Images via Twitter @mzansimagic

Katlego Danke and Siphesihle Ndaba’s exit from ‘Gomora’ set to light the match of the fire that will be the final season

Gomora will be saying goodbye to two characters who will exit in style as they will provide the catalyst for the final drama.


‘Gomora’ actors Siyasanga Papu as Pretty, Katlego Danke as Thati and Siphesihle Ndaba as Mazet. Images via Twitter @mzansimagic

The two ladies who have been with Gomora since the very beginning and can be described as being one of the two leading ladies of the show will leave the show.

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Which characters are leaving Gomora

 The characters of Thathi and Mazet who are portrayed by Katlego Danke and Siphesihle Ndaba are set to leave the cast roll of the telenovela at the end of the fourth season. The exits of these two characters is set to be a catalyst for the major events that are set to occur in the climax which will lead up to the fourth season and ultimately the end of  the show in October 2023.

The following according to TV SA was released by the Director of Local Entertainment Channels at Mnet, Shirley Adonis regarding the cancellation of the show;

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“We are committed to bringing the best content to our viewers and, as such, we have to be responsive to their changing needs and preferences. This means that we have to bid farewell to beloved shows like Gomora, but we are excited to bring you new, fresh and exciting content.”

‘Gomora’ cast. Image via Twitter @TheStar

Spoiler Alert

The final season of the show is set to start with the characters of the show reeling from the departures of Katlego and Siphesihle’s characters. It is yet unknown how the storyline will reflect the exit of these characters but it is bound to be done in a dramatic manner which is staying true to the DNA of the show.

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The character that will be most affected is Ma Sonto who is played by Connie Chiume who is set to go down a dark path whilst she attempts to make sense of the new world that she finds herself in.

Ma Sonto is also not the only character who will be struggling to come to terms with the new normal. The much younger characters are also set to travel down dark paths.

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The final season is set to be filled with action, and will apparently take the viewers on a whirlwind of emotions.

Gomora’s replacement has not been announced as of yet.