'7de Laan' actress Rendi Grey as Esti

‘7de Laan’ actress Rendi Grey as Esti. Image via Twitter @Real7deLaan

‘7de Laan’ Review: Will Esti exit Hillside with Marko or Rickus?

There are no happy endings for the Hillsiders this month; Esti is leaving Marko, Shady wants Romeo back, Tjattas and Amorey can’t be together.

'7de Laan' actress Rendi Grey as Esti

‘7de Laan’ actress Rendi Grey as Esti. Image via Twitter @Real7deLaan

It looks like Esti Fouche (Rendi Grey) only woke up from the coma to leave Hillside, her son Thomas and Marko (Francois Lensley).

Rendi’s character on 7de Laan has decided to travel the world with or without Marko and her son (Vian Singleton).  

Will the actress eventually exit the show with Rickus (André Lötter) who also joined season two of MNet’s Legacy?  

Marko says he’ll wait for Esti when she returns to Hillside from her world tour but isn’t able to leave Hillside with her.  


Marko’s love life isn’t the only one hanging in the balance though as Shady (Beata Bena Green) and Romeo seem to be getting close again.  

  • Ivy (Nazli George) has never approved of Romeo and Khethiwe’s relationship and has always treated Shady like her daughter-in-law.  
  • Khethiwe will be devastated if Shady and Romeo get back together as she’s convinced that Romeo (Clint Aplon) is her soulmate.    
  • Khethiwe (Sesethu Ntombela) will warn Shady to stay away from Romeo when she picks up romantic vibes between them according to October TVSA teasers.  


Khethiwe is going to lose Romeo because they haven’t been intimate yet even though they’re in a relationship. 

  • Romeo craves the intimacy that he had with Shady and he’s going to cheat on her with Shady but will regret it.   
  • Amorey and Tjattas (Rikus Strauss) have fallen in love with each other but haven’t acted on their feelings because Tjattas is in a relationship with Gaby and Amorey is pregnant.  
  • The pair developed feelings for each other at Fikani and Alexa’s wedding .   
  • Gabby (Blyde Smit) and Khethiwe know that the pair have fallen in love because of the way they act towards each other 

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