'Gomora' actress Connie Chiume as MamSonto

‘Gomora’ actress Connie Chiume as MamSonto. Image via Twitter @Mamosete1

‘Gomora’ Review: MamSonto’s return will be the end of Don’s era

Actress Connie Chiume who plays the role of MamSonto has announced her return to the show on her Instagram account.

'Gomora' actress Connie Chiume as MamSonto

‘Gomora’ actress Connie Chiume as MamSonto. Image via Twitter @Mamosete1

Actress Connie Chiume who plays the role of MamSonto on Gomora has returned to the show after temporarily exiting the show to film Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in the United States.  

The actress announced her return to the telenovela on her Instagram account last month with the picture of herself on the set of Gomora.  

Chiume hasn’t appeared on Gomora since she was shot at her workshop by Don’s rival and placed in a coma by doctors.  

Her daughter Thati (Katlego Danke) sent her away to a hospital in Cape Town after Don (Israel Zulu) threatened to finish her off while she was lying in hospital.  

The writers sent Chiume’s character away so that the actress can film the Black Panther sequel, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.  

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Don took over MamSonto’s hijacking operation and started working in her workshop when she turned a new leaf in season two.  

  • MamSonto had a verbal agreement with Don which permitted him to use her workshop, but Don lied about their agreement.  
  • He faked a lease agreement while she was lying in the hospital, forged her signature on the document which also permitted him to live in her house.   
  • Don wanted to kill MamSonto while she was in the hospital because he wants her old life and her status in Gomora.   
  • He knows that his life will be over if she woke up from her coma because he’s been lying about their agreement.   
  • Don was also kicked out of his old house by his baby mama (Zodwa played by Sana Mchunu) and knows that he’ll be homeless when MamSonto returns to Gomora.    

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