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Reason pens punchy response after ‘amapiano hip-hop’ cypher backlash

‘How you letting them sh*t on the culture like that?’ These are just some of the words a tweep had for heavyweight rapper Reason after BET’s ‘amapiano hip-hop’ cypher…


Reason Image via Facebook: Reason HD

In celebration of the BET Hip-Hop Awards held on Tuesday 5 October, the entertainment channel hosted eight of the hottest amapiano vocalists in South Africa for a cypher titled: “amapiano hip-hop”.

One fan was not impressed by heavyweight rapper Reason (who goes by his alter ego Sizwe Alakine) for featuring in the cypher but the rapper says he only wants to be crucified for the quality of his music.

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Reason was one of eight amapiano vocalists who spit some bars on the “amapiano hip-hop” cypher hosted by BET last week. He was on part one of the cyphers with Young Stunna and Buzzi Lee who describes herself as a “superstar trapper.”

Reason turned heads with his DJ Maphorisa collaboration, Khanda Shisa released in July. Khanda Shisa was his first single as Sizwe Alakine. His rapping style on the cypher is similar to his vocals on Khanda Shisa and some of the other amapiano songs he has teased on his social media. 


One tweep passionately expressed that although he doesn’t mind Reason switching from hip-hop to amapiano, he is not impressed with the rapper’s decision to attend a cypher titled: “amapiano hip-hop.”

“But to go from being a voice of hip-hop and a rap culture representative to purposely attending a cypher called ‘amapiano hip-hop cypher?’ How you letting them sh*t on the culture like that bruh?”

Reason penned a punchy response to the tweep noting that he didn’t know the cypher would be called “amapiano hip-hop.”

“I did what I’ve always done which is to rap on their cyphers. Don’t involve me in anything else. But the quality of rap.” 

This is what other tweeps had to say:

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In a previous interview about using Sizwe Alakine as an alter ego in amapiano, he explained that his brand as “Reason the rapper” holds weight and has a legacy behind it. 

“I just didn’t feel like it made sense to use the same name when it comes to releasing amapiano and various other genres.” 

Taking to Twitter, the Rigorous rapper shared that he was inspired to take on amapiano because he loves the sound so much and he feels he’s done everything he needed to in hip-hop. 

“I wanna create a new lane for rappers like me in the sound, cause it’s a proudly South African sound growing internationally,” he wrote.