Adele Image via Twitter @photosofadele

‘Easy on Me’: Adele teases new single and SA has its own ’30’ billboard!

Adele released a sneak peek of her new single, ‘Easy On Me’, late on Tuesday. The Queen of Heartbreak also gave her SA fans a heads-up of her upcoming album with a ’30’ billboard in Johannesburg!


Adele Image via Twitter @photosofadele

Adele has kept her fans wondering about when she will release new music after billboards with the number 30 mysteriously appeared around the globe…

The 15-time Grammy award winner has “responded” to the thousands of tweets from fans worldwide by teasing her brand new single, Easy on Me, and even confirming its release date: 15 October!


The Rumour Has It UK songstress took to Instagram to share a 21-second clip of her new single Easy On Me. In the black and white clip, Adele seems to be on a road trip and pushes in the tape of her song as she hits the road.

The song is set to be released on 15 October and although Adele has not shared what the song is about, one can only assume that the song is about her divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki and needing a “fresh start”.


Adele has named her three earlier releases after the age she had written them — 25, 21 and 19 — and speculation is rife that her long-awaited album will be titled 30.

Billboards of the number 30 appeared around the world and fans speculated that a new Adele album is on the way. The number was projected in Venice Grand Canal in the Philippines, Empire State Building in New York and in Bejing, China.

South Africa also got its very own 30 projection on Grayston Drive in Sandton, Johannesburg. 


Fans are expecting Adele to give her fans a whole new era. Along with the 30 projections around the world, she updated her social media profile pictures to a simple turquoise colour. The Grammy award-winning singer has always been fond of much darker colours for her album covers.

“Adele is going all out to promote her new era and we should all be terrified cause from the looks of it… she’s not coming to play,” wrote one tweep.