Watch: Sacha Baron Cohen plays

Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Watch: Sacha Baron Cohen plays COVID-19 vaccine dealer to celebrities in new parody

Watch as Sacha Baron Cohen give an ‘Oscar-worthy’ performance as a COVID-19 vaccine dealer to celebrities in a new parody.

Watch: Sacha Baron Cohen plays

Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

Comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen revealed his fictional COVID-19 vaccine side business during a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Sacha Baron Cohen plays COVID-19 vaccine dealer in new parody

The Borat actor and recent Golden Globe winner sat down with Jimmy to talk about how important it was for him to play Borat and expose people who use their power or status to get ahead in life. But, it seems what he essentially did was expose how deep the black market really runs when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Answering his flip phone mid-sentence, Baron Cohen said: “Bono? Ah hey man, what’s up?” He then reaches back to a mini-fridge stocked with small bottles of clear liquid. “I got, uh, AstraZeneca. I’ve got some Pfizer. Whattya want?” He mumbles a few more words and grabs a few vials.

Jimmy then asks: “Did I hear you correctly — was that Bono?”

Baron Cohen replies: “Nah, it was a different Bono. It was Chaz Bono.” He then slipped back into their previous conversation until another cell phone rang.

This time, it was a ‘Tom’.

Jimmy blatantly asked if he is actually selling vaccines.

Baron Cohen leaned into the camera and said: “Stay out of this, Kimmel. All right? Look after that pretty face of yours. There’s no vaccine for broken legs.”

The ‘interview’ went on from there, interrupted by calls from other celebrities until his dishevelled wife Isla Fisher shows up — and begins slamming vax vials.

You can watch the full spoof down here:

A ‘masterpiece’

Some are calling the spoof a masterpiece.

“That interview alone can be nominated for Oscar’s best short film,” one YouTube user wrote. “Not a single dull moment with this man! Life inside Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen’s house should be so much fun,” said another.


Meanwhile, in South Africa, the government issued a warning against buying the COVID-19 vaccine online. The warning comes after Reuters reported that the South African police have seized hundreds of fake COVID-19 vaccines and arrested four suspects in connection with the haul, the Interpol global police co-ordination agency said.

This comes after Interpol, which is headquartered in France, issued a global alert in December to law enforcement across its 194 member countries, warning them to prepare for organised crime networks targeting COVID-19 vaccines, both physically and online.

Some 400 ampoules – equivalent to about 2 400 doses – containing the fake vaccine were found at a warehouse in Germiston, east of Johannesburg, where officers also recovered a large quantity of fake 3M masks, the agency said on Wednesday 3 March 2021 on its website.

Three Chinese nationals and a Zambian national were arrested.