Netflix releases trailer for ‘You’ season four. Image via Instagram @younetflix.

Joe Goldberg has a stalker of his own in ‘You’ s4 trailer [watch]

Penn Badgley transforms into Professor Johnathan Moore in ‘You’ season four but it seems there’s a new killer and stalker in town!


Netflix releases trailer for ‘You’ season four. Image via Instagram @younetflix.

Netflix has released the official trailer for part one of You season four starring Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg on Monday 9 January.

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As previously announced, You season four will be released in two parts. The trailer for part one is officially here and viewers can finally have a look at how Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) transforms into a professor.

At the end of a nail-bitting season three, Joe appeared to fake his own death, murdered his wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) and left his son with his friends. He then headed to London to start yet another new life. This time as Professor Johnathan Moore.

It seems the roles are reversing on Joe this season. He appears to be the one whose stalked rather than doing the stalking. There is also a new killer in town and it is someone called “Eat the Rich Killer” who targets the “circle of privileged douchebags” that he has befriended. 

Joe now has to go from killer to detective to find out who the killer is. Tati Gabrielle, who played the role of Marienne in season three is also in London and she seems to have an encounter with Joe accusing him or murder. However, Marienne doesn’t seem to be Joe’s love interest this season.

You season four part one releases on 9 February and part two on 9 March. 

Penn Badgley teases ‘You’ season four ‘genre shift’. Image via Instagram @pennbadgley.

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Showrunner Sera Gamble revealed that fans have inspired them to go deeper and crazier each season.

“We’re floored by the love that fans worldwide have shown our twisted little love story — thank you! You inspire us to go deeper, and also crazier every season,” said Gamble to Tudum.

“As you know, each season explores a new city and a new ‘you.’ Season 4, set in London, drops Joe into a very different type of thriller: a whodunit murder mystery,” Gamble continued.

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