Thando Siyacela Moja Love Isencane Lengane

Siyacela tells Thando he wants a change of scenery. Image via Facebook screenshot

‘Isencane Lengane’ returns: Siyacela leaves Thando with baby

The new season of ‘Isencane Lengane’ premiered on Sunday. Viewers are already calling Siyacela a deadbeat after he left to be with his side.

Thando Siyacela Moja Love Isencane Lengane

Siyacela tells Thando he wants a change of scenery. Image via Facebook screenshot

The latest season of Isencane Lengane kicked off on Sunday night 8 January and after the death of Siyacela Dlamuka’s father, viewers expected to see a different side to Siyacela, a more grown version to be specific. Siyacela proved to be not what was expected.

Things started off with Siyacela and his wife Thando Dlamuka remembering their old man after he made the house lively with his straight-talk and insults that had everyone shaken at every turn.

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When the show started, viewers were introduced to the couple’s newborn child and Siyacela seemed like a dotting dad because he took the child of Thando’s hands to take a nap with.

All that quickly changed, two weeks later, when Siyacela had gone off to Durban to be with his lover, Mato, unknown to Thando, she called him to tell him she was going to her grandmother’s house in Nkandla. She could not reach him on the phone so she left a voice note.

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“When I can’t reach Siyacela on the phone, I start thinking of wrong things but I don’t care anymore. I am just waiting for him to tell me what his future plans are for us, he shouldn’t hold me back like last year,” she said.

True to her voice message, Thando went home to be with family while Siyacela was busy trying to rekindle his relationship with Mato.

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Siyacela Mato Isencane Lengane Thando
Siyacela back to his old ways after Thando gave birth. Image via Facebook screenshot.


Like the previous season, Thando threatened that she was done with Siyacela and was leaving him for good. Tweeps rejoiced at this but it soon became apparent that the 18-year-old had no intention of leaving her cheating husband.

Thando seems to be singing the same tune this season as well and viewers are wondering when she will take action and leave Siyacela and focus on herself.

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@XolaniNgcobo167 wrote: “#IsencaneLengane we are back to complaining about Siyacela and watching Thando stand for his nonsense instead of choosing herself 😭”.

@mbali_ndlela wrote: “Thando is always leaving Siyacela in her individual diary sessions, until he buys her a plastic rose…”.

@debora_mkhabo wrote: “Thando uyalunga! Whatever happens to her she deserves it. I bet she doesn’t have matric still, ngapha she’s a mother now. I’m no longer defending her”.

@RelebohileLimba wrote: “The reason Siyacela treats Thando like this, is because she allows it, You teach people how to treat u, her allowing Siyacela’s cheating slide he will forever cheat ,dissapear for weeks n switch off his phone”.