Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward

Ten leading South African fash

Ten leading South African fashion designers

African fashion has been copied in the UK since the ’70s more or less, when kaftans were cool and brash batik made the cold English summers feel somehow warmer. But copying aside, it’s hard to find clothes by African designers on the British high street. We take a look at ten South African fashion designers who have gained both local and international attention.

Dina Pule’s nepotism only the

Dina Pule’s nepotism only the tip of South Africa’s corruption iceberg

Elaborate methods are used by South African civil servants, politicians and even headteachers to extract public money into their own pockets. The latest incident of corruption saw Dina Pule, South Africa’s former Minister for Communications giving her boyfriend’s company a R6 million tender — yet her punishment consisted of being publicly reprimanded and fined one month’s salary. Even South Africa’s president has been accused of corruption — so how deep does the problem go and what is being done about it?

A young girl poses in traditional costume at Jingshan Park, an artificial hill behind the Forbidden City and the highest point in Beijing

Beijing state of mind

China’s capital is becoming a doorway to the Orient for many visitors who come to explore a lively metropolis with an ancient history.

Eye-catching costumes at the Notting Hill Carnival parade
South Africans Abroad

A beginner’s guide to the Notting Hill Carnival

If you liked the Royal Wedding street parties, you’ll probably hate the Notting Hill Carnival. London’s biggest annual public party is loud, raucous, and a lot more fun than neatly cut sandwiches and bunting. Famous for its elaborate parades of cabaret dancers and floats, Notting Hill Carnival is one of the most eclectic weekends in London and an example of the city at it’s best. Here’s an introduction to it.

Nine cops charged with murder

Nine cops charged with murder of taxi driver released on bail

Mozambican Modi Macia was tied to a police van and driven through the streets before he died in a police cell two hours later. The nine police officers accused of his murder have repeatedly had their bail applications rejected but magistrates say that ‘circumstances have changed.’