Watch: Port Elizabeth road rag

Watch: Port Elizabeth road rage incident leads to full on fist fight [video]

Ey, people are getting testier the further we go into silly season.

Watch: Port Elizabeth road rag

What started out as a charged war of words between two guys in PE soon erupted in a full-blown physical altercation. The longer these two went at it, the more people got involved, in turn charging the atmosphere even more.

It’s difficult to make out exactly what they’re fighting about, as there are so many bleeping bleeps, but we’d wager it started out behind the steering wheel.

Folks, if you feel yourself getting a little riled behind the wheel, just count backwards from 10… you don’t want to end up looking like a mook on camera. Alternatively, take a picture of the vehicle, send it to the nearest traffic department and they’ll track them down and have a chat with the culprits.