SZA in Melbourne, Australia. Image: Instagram via @JulietJohnstone

SZA in Melbourne, Australia. Image: Instagram via @JulietJohnstone

SZA’s Aussie concert chaos: Fans behaving badly

SZA’s Melbourne concert took a chaotic turn, with fans behaving badly and the star herself on the brink of walking out.

SZA in Melbourne, Australia. Image: Instagram via @JulietJohnstone

SZA in Melbourne, Australia. Image: Instagram via @JulietJohnstone

American pop star SZA faced a wild ride at her recent concert down under in Melbourne, Australia.

The Rod Laver Arena turned into a battleground of sorts as some unruly fans decided to upstage the singer with their outrageous antics.


Videos circulated on social media revealed the shocking scenes.

Fans hurled items onto the stage like it was some kind of bizarre sporting event, according to Daily Mail.

From shoes to cellphones, nothing seemed off-limits for these rowdy concert-goers.

SZA, understandably miffed, had to put her foot down.


“I will leave,” she declared, holding up one of the airborne objects. “Do not throw up any cell phones, I’m a person. That’s crazy.”

But the madness didn’t end there, according to The Nightly.

One fan attempted a daring handstand in the raised seating area, only to come crashing down on another unsuspecting concert-goer.

Security guards scrambled to contain another fan who seemed determined to stir up trouble in the general admission area.


Social media erupted with dismay from SZA’s fans. “Honestly don’t understand why fans throw stuff honestly,” lamented one.

Another quipped, “Melbourne be ruining everything, behaving like their ugly muggy weather.”

And the sentiment was clear: this wasn’t just about one concert; it was about concert etiquette taking a nosedive, according to Indy 100.

“Concert etiquette has gone out the window. Should be ashamed of themselves,” exclaimed another.


But it seems bad behaviour at SZA’s concert isn’t a one-time occurrence in Aussie concert venues.

Similar horror stories emerged during Taylor Swift’s Australian tour, with inebriated fans wreaking havoc on fellow concert-goers.

One attendee recounted the ordeal of being vomited on not once but twice during the show.

Another had the misfortune of enduring eight drinks spilled on her and her belongings, courtesy of a drunken dancer seated nearby.

“She kept hitting us in the head when drunk dancing, then she fell asleep midway through the concert,” she recounted. It was a mix of frustration and disbelief evident in her words.


The call for better concert conduct reverberated across social media platforms.

“Hot tip for fans! Please don’t drink too much and a) vomit all over the people seated in front of you, b) get carted out by your friends with your shoes missing before the show has even started,” pleaded one concert-goer, clearly exasperated by past experiences.

The chaos at SZA’s concert serves as a stark reminder that while music may be universal, manners are not.

Concerts are meant to be a time of joy and celebration, not a battlefield of flying objects and drunken mishaps.

Hopefully, fans heed the call for better behaviour, lest they risk ruining the experience for everyone involved. As the saying goes, play nice or stay home.