The top 20 adverts of the last

The top 20 adverts of the last year: (16) Telkom Bolt Speed [video]

This little kid!

The top 20 adverts of the last

Our countdown continues into some of the best adverts of 2016. On Thursday, we featured the only good thing the Springboks managed this year. Next up: Boltspeed!

No matter how you feel about Telkom, they’re still very much part of our lives. And while we reckon Telkom probably wishes that they went with Wayde van Niekerk in this advert, especially considering how Bolt reacted with Van Niekerk beat the World Record at this year’s Olympics, this advert is still cute as heck.

Bolt isn’t even the best thing about this advert. That cute kid with the superimposed athlete’s body is everything. His face is totes adorbs.