Manenberg Cape Town gang

Photo: Bobseer2016 / Twitter / Canva

Cape Town neighbourhood rocked by gang shooting in broad daylight [video]

Just days after a SAPS operation seized several firearms in Manenberg, the gangster-ridden area of Cape Town became the scene of a shoot-out.

Manenberg Cape Town gang

Photo: Bobseer2016 / Twitter / Canva

It’s a sight that is all too familiar to South Africans, as the fragile peace of a Manenberg suburb – just 16km outside of Cape Town – was shattered on Thursday by a running battle between gang members.

Gang hot-spot flares up again

Footage captured by a local resident shows several men caught up in the violence. They are all running towards the relative safety of shelter behind a tall wall, as gunshots ring out across the barren patch of land. Several of the men involved managed to take cover, but their fate is left unanswered by the time the clip has finished.

The video itself was shared by anti-crime advocate Yusuf Abramjee on Friday morning, and it has already picked up thousands of views from morbidly-curious onlookers.

Crime stats for Manenberg

Sadly, Manenberg is no stranger to these type of scenes. According to the most recent crime stats, a total of 61 murders were committed in the area from April 2017 – March 2018. In that same period, there were 126 cases of assault and 2 232 drug-related crimes.

This violent exchange of gunfire comes just days after Cape Town’s anti-gang unit made four arrests and seized several weapons while on patrol in Manenberg. An 18-year-old – who was storing a .38 revolver – has already been charged with possession of a prohibited firearm and all of those who were apprehended are set for a court date.

Authorities have not made any arrests in connection with this blatant act of criminality and it hasn’t been established what exactly sparked the shoot-out. It may have been brave of the person behind the camera to film the incident, but it is not advisable to stand next to a window if this sort of scene is playing out so close to your home.

Watch the Manenberg shoot-out here: