Steve Hofmeyr DStv MultiChoice

Photo: My Blind Zone / YouTube screenshot

Watch: Man smashes up his DStv dish in support of Steve Hofmeyr [video]

Steve Hofmeyr fans have been left embittered by MultiChoice’s decision to remove his content from DStv. But one supporter has taken it a little further.

Steve Hofmeyr DStv MultiChoice

Photo: My Blind Zone / YouTube screenshot

Oh dear. It seems that MultiChoice’s decision to remove all Steve Hofmeyr content from their platforms has caused a bit of a backlash. Not only are certain sections of the Afrikaner community threatening to boycott DStv, but some have taken their outrage to the next level.

Steve Hofmeyr fan smashes-up his DStv equipment in protest

A video of a man trashing his satellite dish has gone viral on social media, where he expresses his support for “Uncle Steve” and laments the broadcaster for trying to “destroy Afrikaner heritage”. It’s the mother of all meltdowns, but that doesn’t stop him from getting the family involved, too.

A woman – who appears to be the wife of the destructive DStv detractor – also gets a role, taking a hammer to their decoder. The bloke throws his dish from the roof, before taking a sledgehammer to it on the ground. A young boy asks for clarification over what’s going on, and the man proclaims he is “done with MultiChoice”.

MultiChoice: Why always Steve?

Another highlight of the rant involves the enraged subscriber saying he’s choosing Afrikaans over the television network. Hofmeyr has been a very controversial figure in the music industry, due to his use of the k-word in certain songs and his insistence on singing the old “Die Stem” national anthem.

Multichoice made their decision to pull the plug on Steve Hofmeyr a few weeks after they asked for one of his video’s to be removed from consideration at the Ghoema Awards – organisers duly obliged.

The music video was for Die Land and featured fellow Afrikaans music heavyweights Bok van Blerk, Jay, Ruhan Du Toit and Bobby van Jaarsveld. However, the toxic Hofmeyr brand is putting a whole host of organisations off. Toyota and MTN recently withdrew their sponsorship of the Afrikaans Is Groot Festival, as “Uncle Steve” featured on the bill.

Watch the Steve Hofmeyr fan crush his DStv gear here: