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jobs robotics artificial intelligence rise of the machines employment. Image via Adobe Stock

These ten jobs will likely disappear in the near future

Everyone is a bit worried that artificial intelligence and the inevitable rise of the machine will steal our jobs.

emerging business

jobs robotics artificial intelligence rise of the machines employment. Image via Adobe Stock

The rise of the machines is inevitable; most people are wondering if their jobs are on the line? Well, we are here to guide you into surviving the Technological Revolution.

If you know which jobs are ending and you are in any of those sectors then, you can equip yourself with new skills.

Ten jobs that might disappear soon


They are highly paid, they do what algorithms love doing best, and that is going through raw data and organizing it. The only difference between the algorithm and the accountant is that the accountant sleeps, gets sick, costs a lot and goes on leave.

Stoke Brokers

Bots trade better than humans, say you want to purchase stock, and open your trading platform and hit buy, the buying and selling algorithms know you want to buy, they trade between themselves first and sell you the stock at inflated prices.

Who can beat bots in the world of Micro Trading?


Truck Drivers, Taxi Drivers and Goods Delivery drivers are all at risk of being replaced by AI and automation.

Taxi Drivers and Truck Drivers face tough competition from self-driving cars and trucks, as for courier delivery drivers, well the drones will be doing the delivery.


Self Checkout stations are becoming more and more popular, the more they are used, the better the algorithms get, in the very near future we will not even need anyone to supervise self-checkout stations.

Fast Food Employees

The trend hasn’t arrived yet in South Africa, but will soon be here. We will soon buy with an app, while robots prepare food for us, and another robot delivers the food.

Manufacturing Workers

Rewind back to when the industrial revolution started, all the field workers ran to manufacturing, now that manufacturing is smart, time to look at other alternative careers.

Construction Workers

Gone are the ages of picking up a brick or mixing cement with a wheelbarrow, the Technology has gotten more and more sophisticated, and in a few years, time technology will be doing everything from start to finish.


This skill is holding on by a finger, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter are pushing ads cheaper and more efficiently than any telemarketer would.

Bank Tellers

When is the last time you went to the bank? Your Banking app combined with the ATM does everything, even opening an account can be done through a Website or video calling.


You might be thinking, no machine can replace soldiers. Well, you have not heard of Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWS) also known as killer robots.

They are soldiers of the future, relentless, they do not sleep, are accurate, and many organizations want them banned even before they replace soldiers.

I would also like to see LAWS banned, but it’s more likely they will be regulated then go on to replace human soldiers.

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