List of social media acronyms

A list of the latest social media acronyms will help you become fluent in internet language and keep you in the know. Photo: Pixabay

Social media acronyms and abbreviations

Class in session: 60 social media acronyms and abbreviations and their full definitions

List of social media acronyms

A list of the latest social media acronyms will help you become fluent in internet language and keep you in the know. Photo: Pixabay

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives with its evolution, new words, acronyms, slang, and abbreviations are formed and make it to our social feeds on a daily.

The digital age is embracing shortness or briefness on digital platforms hence the many acronyms we’re bombarded with on a daily basis.

Social acronyms have been around for a while and could even be traced back to the Mxit online chat age.

Embraced mostly by the younger generation, social acronyms could be used by anyone as there are no age limit restrictions as to who can use them in texting.

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Here’s a useful guide that you could bookmark for the next time when you come across unfamiliar acronyms on social media or when someone deliberately uses never-seen-before social acronyms on you.


  1. BD: “Big Deal”
  2. AMA: “Ask Me Anything” is often used on live Q&A sessions on a social channel, but most often refers to sessions hosted on Reddit.
  3. BAE: “Before Anyone Else” Typically it refers to a person’s significant other, but could be a very close friend as well.
  4. BFF: “Best Friends Forever”
  5. BRB: “Be Right Back”
  6. BTW: “By the Way”
  7. FBO: “Facebook Official.” This most often refers to making a public announcement of a life development, such as a new job or new relationship, on Facebook to your entire social audience.
  8. OMG: Stands for “oh my god” or “oh my gosh.”
  9. FOMO: “Fear Of Missing Out”
  10. FTW: “For The Win”
  11. GTG: “Got To Go” to end a conversation.
  12. FYI: “For Your Information”
  13. ICYMI: “In Case You Missed It” most frequently is used when sharing content that is not current, or referencing a news update (as opposed to more “best practices” general content).
  14. IDC: “I Don’t Care”
  15. IDK: “I Don’t Know”
  16. ILY: “I Love You.”
  17. IMHO: “In My Humble Opinion”
  18. IMO: “In My Opinion”
  19. IRL: “In Real Life,” popular for online daters to establish online and offline relationships.
  20. JK: This phrase is “just kidding,” and can be helpful in conveying a light-hearted tone when there’s a possibility for a statement to be misconstrued.
  21. LMAO: “Laughing My Ass Off” Not always the right phrase for business context, but makes it just as necessary to know this acronym when you see it.
  22. LMK: “Let Me Know”
  23. LOL: A popular phrase from the beginning of online chat culture, this means “Laughing Out Loud.”
  24. NBD: “No Big Deal”
  25. NM: “Not Much”
  26. NVM: “Never Mind”
  27. NSFW: “Not Safe For Work” usually designates material that is violent, sexual or otherwise inappropriate for a professional setting.
  28. FF: “Follow Friday” trend began as a Twitter hashtag for recommending people who request followers.
  29. JIC: “Just In Case”
  30. OTP: “One True Pairing” These are two characters that you feel are meant to be together.
  31. FTW: “For The Win” This one is meant to emphasize the end of a comment, sometimes sarcastic.
  32. IANAD: “I Am Not A Doctor” A disclaimer if you’re going to say something bordering on medical advice.
  33. WDYMBT: “What Do You Mean By That?”
  34. BTAIM: “Be That As It May” For very specific acronym users to make a formal argument in an informal context.
  35. FUTAB: “Feet Up, Take A Break” Not just a regular break, but a very relaxed break!
  36. MCM: “Man Crush Monday” A popular Instagram acronym for defining love for a man on Monday.
  37. WCW: “Woman Crush Wednesday” This acronym began on Twitter for pointing out posts about an attractive woman, then spread to other networks like Instagram and Facebook.
  38. FTFY: “Fixed That For You” This is used in Internet comments to correct the grammar of a person that commented earlier, or can be used to be funny. “Fixed it for you” is a variation that has recent popularity.
  39. SMH: “Shaking My Head” Said to express disappointment or disbelief
  40. MTFBWY: “May The Force Be With You” Borrowed from “Star Wars,” it’s another way of saying good luck.
  41. TL;DR: “Too Long; Didn’t Read” Often written in a comment, if a person doesn’t want to read an entire article, but has something to say anyway. This can also mean “Too Long; Don’t Read,” a comment that is gaining popularity for users to use on their own long posts as a means to add a quippy summary sentence that can function as an opportunity for them to share what they think about the situation.
  42. DAE: “Does Anyone Else?” It’s used to frame a question.
  43. BB: “Bye Bye”
  44. OOMF: “One of my followers”
  45. OOTD: “Outfit of the Day” usually accompanied by an image of that day’s outfit
  46. NGL: “Not Gonna Lie” Use this one to preface a truth-bomb
  47. TBT: “Throwback Thursday” This is used when people want to re-share old images or posts
  48. FBF: “Flashback Friday” This acronym is a variation of “Throwback Thursday” in case you missed your chance to share on Thursday!
  49. BTS: “Behind the Scenes” But also a popular K-pop group, so check the context here.
  50. HMU: “Hit Me Up” aka call me, text me, otherwise reach out to me.
  51. ATM: “At the Moment” Context also matters here, make sure they aren’t talking about the bank apparatus where they get their cash.
  52. RT: Again meaning “Retweet” this can simply be used signify agreement with the post if this acronym is written alone regarding a post.
  53. OFC: “Of course”
  54. ELI5: “Explain Like I’m 5” used to ask for simple explanations to complex concepts.
  55. OP: “Original Poster” the user that originally posted the content that you’re referring to when you comment or share.
  56. TMI: “Too much information” used to acknowledge that the post information might be an overshare.
  57. WBU: “What (a)Bout You?”
  58. WFH: Work From Home/Working From Home
  59. TFW: That Feeling When / That Face When
  60. JSYK: “Just So You Know”

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