load shedding suspended

The City of Tshwane has updated its load shedding schedule. Photo: Pexels

Load-shedding tips: UPS power supply

When days are dark, a UPS is your most trusted companion, it can give you up to 10 hours in power during load shedding

load shedding suspended

The City of Tshwane has updated its load shedding schedule. Photo: Pexels

The South African energy situation is, without a doubt, in shambles. The state of affairs is so bad that it has messed up our daily routines. The rolling power outages have now forced people to seek reliable energy supply alternatives and power backups, all thanks to Eskom.

During these times of hardships, a UPS can come in handy to power up your computer, monitor, and Wi-fi connection at work and home. A UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply.

It is a battery-like device that can keep your computer and additional devices running during power cuts for up to 10 hours when fully charged.

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Benefits of a UPS

There are several benefits of owning a UPS for personal, work, or business use which include the consistent supply of energy during power outages and protection against loss of data.

  • Staying operational – Having a reliable and quality UPS system means you’ll stay operational despite power interruptions. Increase in productivity as you’ll carry on with your daily work and business responsibilities.
  • Protection of your devices – it will automatically save up your files and close all your documents from your computer and safely shut down your computer and any other additional devices connected to the system.
  • UPS warranty – In case the system fails, you’re guaranteed a replacement device, free of charge.

Where to buy a UPS system?
UPS systems are available from most major retailers, in a variety of brands. UPS prices can start from as little as R399 to several thousand rands from most retailers across the country. The system comes with a ‘device warranty’ in case of unexpected system failure.

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