Indie developer g2a pirate games

Indie game developers hate on G2A, ask people to pirate their games

The last straw for game developers was getting spammed by Google ads to purchase their own games from G2A on their websites.

Indie developer g2a pirate games

Independent game developers have had enough of G2A and have told consumers to pirate their games instead of buying them from the grey-market key re-seller.

Problem with G2A

The key reseller has been the unpopular kid in the gaming industry pretty much since its inception. The platform allows people, anyone and everyone, to sell keys to video games.

They could be second-hand or brand new, or even stolen if some reports are to be believed.

There is very little oversight on the part of the G2A in the day-to-day trading of game keys on their website and this can cause major issues for game developers.

One of the more popular rumoured scams that takes place on the site is someone will take a stolen credit card, buy a whole bunch of game keys from another retailer, then sell them for a massively reduced price on the grey market.

This generates money for the fraudster and the platform. However, when the banks catch up with the scam and begin charging back money from the stolen card, it is the game developer and websites where the keys were originally bought that have to foot the bill.

While this is believed to be a fairly common occurrence on G2A, very little is done to stop it. Hence the near continuous backlash from developers to G2A.

Pirate games instead

The straw that finally seems to have broken the camel’s back is G2A taking out Google ads and marketing so aggressively that devs have started to see adverts to buy their own games through G2A.

This has led to some of the harshest rhetoric yet from the indie dev social media scene.