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Student wallet: Follow our money guide to saving more and spending less

Whether you spend too much on food or clothes, here are helpful guidelines to make your budget stretch further.

budget save money Image via Adobe Stock groceries food

Image via Adobe Stock

Do you feel like you’re literally eating up or wasting your allowance? Then we bet you don’t have any strategies on how to save money. Well, if that is the case, then it’s time for a few tips on how to spend your moolah wisely.

Whether it is food or clothing, there are guidelines which can help you to save more and spend less.

Save money on food

The cost of food is increasing, so you must be smart when shopping.

  • Write a shopping list-this is very important, you may notice that when you’re going to a supermarket you go there to buy five items but instead you fill the whole trolley. Try not to deviate from your list.
budget save money Image via Adobe Stock
Buy non-perishable groceries in bulk when they are on special Image via Adobe Stock
  • Buy in bulk for  essential items like toilet paper or tinned foods that won’t expire quickly.
  • Buy frozen vegetables instead of fresh ones. Fresh vegetables tend to get spoiled easily whereas frozen ones can last you up to a month.
  • Try shopping at wholesalers, here groceries are often cheaper and there are always sales (but look out for expiry dates).
  • Learn to cook, every day you buy a takeout such as a burger or a pizza from a fast-food franchise or chain you are spending more money than it would take to make the same item at home. Plus, you probably would make the same item in a more healthy way if you cooked it yourself.
  • Try shopping at different stores, you’re always shopping at a store nearby but have you tried other stores? They might be cheaper than the one you’re shopping in. Don’t let a comfortable routine cost you money.
  • Bring your own shopping bag or plastic, this is probably the most ignored thing but it really helps. Those cents you always pay for “plastics” do add up and can make a difference for a student, or anyone on a budget.
  • Have a meal plan, this will help you to buy what you really need and not what you want. Stick to your plan and let it be your guide.
  • Store and preserve leftovers, this will help you and you won’t have to cook every day.

Don’t have a grocery budget? What are you waiting for? You need one to help you save money on groceries.

Save money on clothing

We all love shopping but really hate checking the bank balance afterwards. We know drip is forever but you can still dress fashionably while you spend less on clothing.

First of all, set a clothing budget. It is good to draw up a budget on how much you want to spend on clothes so that when you enter a store you know what your limit is for whatever it is you want to buy. The last thing you want to do is go over budget and end up being broke.

Keep your receipts: This will help you to keep record of how much you have spent. It will help you to build your budget and also helps to make any returns easier.

After you have done this, there are several more tips to try.

Shop at thrift stores

budget save money Image via Adobe Stock
Scour thrift shops to get bargains on a budget. Image: Adobe Stock

Thrifting is a pleasurable and responsible way to make the most from your shopping. Ideally you get items at a discounted price and save more money.

What exactly is thrifting? It basically means to go shopping at garage sales or flea markets where you will find second-hand clothes or household items at reasonable prices.

Shop at online clearance sales

If you look hard enough, you may find clothes at discount prices. Check the clothing websites more frequently and hit that notification button for deals to be sent to you.

However, only buy what you can afford – if you can’t afford then leave it and avoid buying trendy clothes because they cost a bit more. Fashions come and go so even a beautiful item may not really last long.

Don’t shop when you’re bored

They call it retail therapy for a reason. However, if you and your friends are bored and looking for something to do, don’t automatically run to the mall and do some shopping.

Not sure if you want to buy the item? Leave it if you’re doubtful, as the chances are you don’t really need it but you just like it. This will save you money.

Shop out of season

Winter clothes are cheaper in summer and summer clothing is cheaper in winter Just plan your shopping to get better deals and be sure of what you really want to buy.

Check the label before you buy

Make sure you buy clothing that doesn’t require you to take it to a dry cleaner so rather stick to machine washable clothes.

Buy clothing that fits

Don’t buy tight clothes thinking that you might lose some weight because you might later realise that you don’t like how it fits you. Also avoid buying too baggy clothes.

Take better care of your clothing

You should avoid washing your clothing very often because items like jeans and sweaters in particular may fade or discolour. Hand-wash your clothing (especially bras). The better you take care of your clothing the less you will have to buy new clothes.

Sell clothes you no longer wear

budget save money Image via Adobe Stock
You can sell good used clothing to earn extra money. Image: Adobe Stock

That’s what second-hand shops are for! If you have nice items in your wardrobe that you no longer you wear it’s best that you sell them and get a bit of extra cash. Your reject may just be someone else’s treasure.

The cost of living has become expensive so as a student you should learn how to spend in a way which will help you to save money in the long run.