fun but toxic boyfriends

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Danger zone: Best to steer clear of these boyfriend types ??

It’s normal to kiss a few frogs before you land Prince Charming. If you can, though, try to avoid these toxic toads.

fun but toxic boyfriends

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Dream boyfriend or not? When you’re really falling for a new guy, it can be hard to see him for who he truly is. You may think he’s “the one” but beneath his good looks and charming ways there may be all sorts of red flags popping up.

Your friends may try to warn you about him, but you’re way too smitten at this point…

Beware of these boyfriend types

Well, ladies, there are different types of men in the dating world, and there are some who should never be considered boyfriend material.

If you want to keep your heart intact, and find your perfect mate sooner than later, check out this list of men you should definitely avoid like the plague.

The player

toxic boyfriends
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You know the guy whose phone rings and buzzes every time the two of you hang out? He may try to convince you that it’s his mother or cousin at the end of the line but deep down you know the truth.

The red flag is there but you try by all means to ignore them. He tries to hide his womanising ways but sooner or later everything is likely to come crumbling down.

The control freak

controlling boyfriend
The control freak can be one of the most toxic partners. Image: Adobe Stock

Unless you enjoy being bossed around, don’t even waste your time dating a control freak.

He always tries to control everything you do, especially how you should behave.

He might order food for you when whenever you go out, limit the number of friends you should have or may try to prevent you from having too much contact with your family.

You may think a man who takes control is sexy, but the control freak has some deep-rooted issues that can potentially turn into major problems. It can even lead to an abusive, controlling relationship.

Commitment phobe

“Yes, I love you, but I’m not ready for a commitment” are the words you don’t want to hear. You may think that he will change along the way for you and try to commit.

However commitment phobes tend to have a long history of short-term relationships and are serial daters.

Most of these guys avoid making a commitment. They are sweet talkers and can string you along, as they talk their way out of everything.

The cheapskate

This man will find any and every reason to avoid paying the full bill.

In his mind, relationships are 50/50 when it comes to money issues, but tipped unevenly when it comes to emotional support, time and general effort put into the relationship.

Going Dutch is music to his ears. He thinks being helpful is attached to a serious payment plan that is impossible to get out of.

The serial cheater

It’s always easy to fall for this type; he’s fun and masculine and he always has a new way to sweep you off your feet. However, he cannot commit. He has a girl for each city and province and sees nothing wrong with this way of life.

The Serial Cheater can overlap with the Player, so watch out.

One day a girl might show up at his place unannounced and cause havoc and this might lead to a break up but he moves on quickly because he already has a back-up plan.

It’s normal to kiss a few frogs before you land Prince Charming. If you can, though, try to avoid these toads.