Instagram hacks: Make your fee

Images via Canva

Instagram hacks: Make your feed pop with DIY home photoshoot ideas

If you’re stuck at home and lack inspiration for creating social media content, here are some tips to keep your Instagram feed flourishing.

Instagram hacks: Make your fee

Images via Canva

If you’re stuck at home and lack inspiration for creating great social media content, here are some creative ways to keep your Instagram feed flourishing with beautiful pictures taken right where you live.


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Props can enhance your pictures and make them more fun, they can be used to fill the background or as part of the shot.

Here are a few ideas of household items that you can use as props:

Mirrors: Play around with your reflection and liven up your photos with mirrors. It doesn’t matter the size or shape of your mirror, a little creativity is all you need to create the best content.

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Flowers: Artificial or fresh, individual or a bunch, flowers can enhance your pictures with their vibrant colours.

With the right outfit, lighting and pose flowers can turn a dull scene into a classic shot.

Pose with a bouquet or throw some petals in the air to create a beautiful atmosphere. Extreme close-ups also work well.

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Food and drink: These can be another great prop. Take pictures of yourself enjoying some noodles or drinking coffee with your favourite mug. Put some sprinkles on your face or lick a lollipop. Take a shot of yourself holding a slice of salami, or a round biscuit over one eye. Go for a close-up for a delicious effect.

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Bed sheets: You can use plain white sheets as a backdrop to your pictures to create depth and a nice blank canvas. White sheets are perfect for boosting natural light in your photos, making them edgier.


When creating a gorgeous image, it’s all about light.

Use the natural lighting in your home to your advantage, and play with light and shadow to create warm or cool pictures.

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Take pictures near your window using lace curtains to create patterns on your face with natural light.

Be aware of where the light is coming from, and going to as this will make all the difference:  

Keep the light behind your phone or camera if you want the image to be bright and clear.

If you are going for a moody silhouette, then place the light source behind your subject.


Close-up: Simplicity is key for creating the best portraits. Take a close-up portrait of your face, capturing different emotions.

Use make-up to create shapes on your face or glitter and paint for more fun.

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Take a super close-up of just one part of your face, perhaps a curl behind your ear, or a few fingers stretching into space.

Create depth: Make your portrait more dynamic by setting a timer and placing your smartphone camera at a low angle while reaching for props like a hat or sunglasses.

While your camera is low, stand on a table or chair and pose to create an upward shoot.

Try one, two or all of these to make your Insta come alive!