Agastya Thaker and Kristal Kisten

Agastya Thaker and Kristal Kisten
Image via Instagram @kristalkisten

Wits, UKZN students team up for podcast on social injustices

Two students have come together to create a podcast of conversations about social issues and injustices.

Agastya Thaker and Kristal Kisten

Agastya Thaker and Kristal Kisten
Image via Instagram @kristalkisten

Agastya Thaker from The University of Witwatersrand (Wits) and Kristal Kisten from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) want to educate and address social issues and injustices. In particular, they want to talk about what they’ve learnt through their university journey, which they feel is not spoken about enough.

Their channel of choice to do this is a podcast, a digital file that can be listened to on the internet and can be accessed from a computer or mobile device.

Educational yet entertaining

The focus of the students’ podcast is to create content that is mainly educational but also entertaining.

The podcast is available on Instagram TV (IGTV), a feature on Instagram that allows videos longer than 60 seconds to be posted.

“We want to be informative, and encourage different perspectives over a variety of topics,” said Thaker,

“We want to try to normalise conversations around social injustices, such as systematic racism, gender-based violence and other topics along those lines.

“For now we just want to become informed around these issues and try to share these lessons with people around us.”

Podcast launch

The podcast was launched on Sunday 28 June on IGTV on both of their Instagram accounts.

,The two hope to grow the podcast into other platforms, such as YouTube, in the future.

The first episode is an introduction into what viewers can expect as it  covers the basis of what the team want to achieve.

Thaker is a BA politics and international relations student, and Kisten is studying BSc in occupational therapy.

Let’s unlearn stereotypes

“We wanted to create a safe but educational environment to learn so our episodes are not about cancelling or blaming someone if they are unaware of their privilege or actions,” Kisten said.

“We want to talk about the issues that stem from other issues.

“We actually want to do these podcasts that are educational with the perspective of understanding more than blaming, so people can learn and can change as well as unlearn what they have been taught.

Agastya Thaker and Kristal Kisten  Image via Instagram @kristalkisten
Agastya Thaker and Kristal Kisten Image via Instagram @kristalkisten

“Put simply, we want to help unlearn deep generative stereotypes.”

Episodes are only available monthly but the team aim on releasing content as regularly as possible.

They believe that conversations in open spaces like this are so important for the student population as they are literally the next in line to go out into the world and make a real change.